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Zealots are certain that their beliefs are the only truth that matters. Those who do not feel the same way are not worthy to exist in this galaxy.

- In-game description

Species controlled by the computer with this archetype generally have the same personality as the Warrior archetype, (they are aggressive). Although they are both suited for diplomacy and military combat, they are aggressive towards other species and often declare war on other alien races without warning. Even if the player's species are Zealots themselves, computer Zealots will still demand tribute from them and declare war if the requirements are not met.




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Featured fiction: Allied Terran Republic


The Republic is bound by the same principles; order, peace and justice. We seek a better future for the galaxy and all those who seek to join us.

- Aidan Collins

The Allied Terran Republic, also known as the Terran Republic, Terrae or the Republic of Humanity, is an expansive federal republic primarily located in the Milky Way Galaxy. Though seen by many as a primarily Human organisation, representing one of the two bulks of the species, the Terran Republic is also home to hundreds of different alien species, as well as near-humans from throughout the Gigaquadrant. The Republic is a Plazithian superpower, known for founding the galaxy-wide Civilisation along with the Delpha Coalition of Planets and various Precursor factions.

Created by Cyrannian and Wormulon

Featured captain: Taev Vosætiur


Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.

- Taev Vosætiur

Taev Vosætiur is a male Libertus who serves as the Imperial Grand Mandator of the Northern Outer Rim from his throne world of Imperavelli, an ecumenopolis serving as a hub of the Empire in both military and economic affairs, particularly in the aftermath of the loss of Moreuse to the Cyrannian Imperial State. A consummate politician with an aptitude for manipulation and deception, Vosætiur is considered one of the most powerful Grand Mandators in the Imperial Order and one of the few to earn the personal favour of the enimatic Galactic Emperor.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured story: Chronicle of Ire

Chronicle of Ire

The annals of history have long been lost, sunken to the depths of the void without hope of return. However, just because memory fails to recollect the who, the how, and the where, does not mean that the memoirs and remnants they left behind does not provide insight. Indeed, men can be immortalized in other ways aside from attaining godhood - leaving their legacy for others to wander upon.

- Unknown

Created by Lucario of the Gods

Featured creature: Tentekh


The Tentekh (Tentaculus sp.) were two species of omnivorous cephalopoids native to the Girdo Galaxy, both sharing a common ancestor in the archecoid (T. primigenius), a telepathic Taukappan predator.

Out of the two species, only the Taukappans (T. taukappaensis) evolved from the archecoids on their eponymous homeworld, where they later founded the Girdo Empire. The other species, the Armoured Tentekh'l (T. scutus), descends from archecoids placed on the planet Novemeshk in a neighbouring star system as part of a terreforming effort by an unknown civilisation around 5 million BC.

Created by Ghelæ


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