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The knowledge base dedicated to Spore - the computer simulation video game developed by Will Wright - that anyone can edit
1,394 articles and 42,349 files since January 2006!
Please note that SporeWiki does not accept any sort of fiction to be added to the main namespace (this also includes templates used in main namespace pages, for example navigational templates). No fan-made creatures, vehicles, philosophies, etc. and any sort of links to them! If you would like a deleted fiction page to be restored and moved to a subpage of your userpage or a related content's subpage, simply ask an admin to restore it.

Featured Article

The Uber Turret is a colonization tool that, after being placed on a colonized world, self constructs and patrols the planet, attacking any enemy UFOs that assault your planet. Due to its massive health, few enemies will be able to destroy it. It is recommended to place it on a planet with frequent attacks or near enemy territory.




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Featured Fiction

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Featured fiction: Sanctuarium


Truly Sanctuarium is the heart of our empire. Not in the poetic sense - what use do Sanctuarians have for something so rambunclous? - but literally. It is a thumping, blooded machine that beats like a clockwork engine, pumping energy in the rest of the Divinarium. Sanctuarium is a very no-nonsense world. Her people have no need for anything that is not immediately useful. Even their faith is mechanical.

- Clericarch Tadjamad

Deianthil, usually referred to in human nations as Sanctuarium (a rough Latin translation of the Classical Radessic term), is a Radeon selenopolis located in the Alpha Centauri system in the Milky Way Galaxy. Formerly homeworld of a near-human race known as the Nebi-Mu, Sanctuarium has been since then claimed and extensively colonised by the Church of Spode, leading to the native population becoming displaced by Radeon immigrants. It is currently co-owned, following the tumultuous events of the Great Xonexian Schism, by the Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States and the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene.

Created by TheImperios

Featured captain: Dragostea

Dragostea Dalverat

Zere was once much bad blood between us. She had turned her back on us, we thought, but only so much time lazer did I understand - she had realized ze crimes we had commited before ze rest of us. I exiled her from her own home, yet I found her again, vith a life of her own. A self-made woman, she is, and a daughzer I am most proud of.

- Count Varelos von Dalverat of the Purple House of Dalverat

Countess Dragostea Dalverat-Bertonius, otherwise known as Madam Bertonius, Mistress Dragostea, and the Red Countess, is one of the original Pureblood vampires and the firstborn daughter of Hamoins Dalverat with Count Varelos von Dalverat, alongside a prominent noble in the far northeast. A rather sophisticated and kind individual, Dragostea was once an exile of the Nightshade Clan due to familial tensions that arose from her empathy for mortalkind, choosing to preserve and defend the lives of the innocent and oppressed rather than exploit them as slaves and a source of nutrition. A masterful adept of dark and ice magic, Dragostea lacks the cold, self-driven nature of her mother and is instead charitable and selfless, and although she has since rekindled her loyalty to the Clan, she considers the protection of mortal lives from greater, darker powers as her main priority and has dedicated her life to rectifying the mistakes of her family and keeping watch over the north and its peoples.

Created by Lucario of the Gods

Featured story: Sundering of the Cognatus/War of Cleansing

Borealis Sundering of the Cognatus

Together with our allies in the Polar Crystal Alliance, we will lay their battlefleets aflame, liberate their thralls, and ensure that our victory in Borealis will portend our ultimate triumph!

- Primarch Voro Acetenus

The War of Cleansing was a conflict fought in 11 NE between the forces of the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, the Polar Crystal Alliance and the New Cyrannian Republic against the Cognatus Empire led by Warmaster Xarn Senakh'tenre. A war of liberation to free the enslaved Eaglartin from the iron grasp of Senakh'tenre, the war was distinguished by an Order-led blitz into Cognatus Empire-occupied space, orchestrated by Fleetlord Thaur Vicliquam under the direction of the Primarch Voro Acetenus.

Created by OluapPlayer and Cyrannian

Featured creature: Néva

Riad2015 2

They've hidden away from the prying eyes of the South for many thousands of years. An untouched culture, with an ancient religion.

- Unknown

Néva, also known as Frost Elves, Night Elves and Ancient Northern Elves, are an ancient Deiwos race originating from the far north of Koldenwelt.

Created by Xho


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