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The Space Stage is the final stage in Spore, beginning after the Civilization Stage and continuing for the duration of the game. Evolving from the planet-bound nation, the player now controls a fully fledged Empire and can explore the vast stretches of the Spore Galaxy in their own personal spaceship, overseeing everything from trade and diplomacy with alien civilisations to interstellar war. (More...)



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Featured fiction: Kingdom of Agethime


The Kingdom of Agethime, formerly known as the Tadpole Empire, is an expansionist, ultramodern pseudo-socialist civilization located within the Milky Way and Mirus galaxies. Notable for having a mostly homogenous population, it is also known for its fast expansionism, possessing multiple colonies throughout the Milky Way. This sometimes leads to their reputation of being 'pests', as they tend to terraform planets they inhabit into large, warm swamps or oceans to satisfy their amphibian biology.

As stated above, unlike most large civilizations, the Kingdom of Agethime remained mostly homogenous throughout the years, with Tadpoles representing around 98% of the Kingdom's total population. Additionally, due to their anti-war tendencies, they stayed mostly uninvolved in the actual wars throughout the Milky Way, such as the War of Ages, instead resorting to provide background assistance to these wars' soldiers the Kingdom sided with. However, recently these policies are in the process of being scrapped, which may mean the Kingdom can actively participate in a future war.

Created by OpelSpeedster

Featured captain: Titanozor

Spore 2010-04-14 17-47-14

Titanozor is one of the five Warlords of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Titanozor is a bloodthirsty warrior, but he is fair, as his Neutral Good allignment states. He takes pride in battle, especially at killing godlike figures, and knows when to channel his rage into his foes. Titanozor isn't boastful to any but his foes, where he likes to tell them how pathetic they were and weak after defeating them. Titanozor has a particular hatred of Loron, and takes a lot of pleasure in slaying millions. for this reason, UNO send Titanozor many Loron clones to entertain himself with, merely for fitness excersise.

Created by Wormulon

Featured story: Second Heer Stekeveel War


The Second Heer Stekeveel War was a conflict primarily between the Drodo Empire and the Heer Stekeveel Confederation in 2802, fought by proxy through armed insurrection in the Drodo-colonized Heer Stekeveel territories.

Created by DrodoEmpire

Featured creature: Zua-Zaoi

Zua-Zaoi Image

My people is one of many hardships. Forced to serve to survive. But no more. We are free, we are mighty, and we are invincible. All who stand before the Zua-Zaoi and the ones who granted them new life will be destroyed! Their carcasses will be tossed into the ever-growing pile of bodies we make out of our enemies and rivals! Zua-Zaoi eternal!

- Vouinas

The Zua-Zaoi are a race of vaguely humanoid arthropods natives of Planet Croth, located at the distant reaches of the Mirus Galaxy. A race with a history of violence and conflict, they are unified under the rule of their immortal warlord Vouinas in servitude of the Corruptus and the Dominion of the Xhodocto, and they are more than eager to prove them as the greater servants of their masters through tactical thinking and superior firepower.

While the Zua-Zaoi have since left the Mirus Galaxy, they remain a noticeable force in Gigaquadrantic affairs, pledging their support and their armies to the demons of the Corruptus. Very familiar with the environment of war and bloodshed, the Zua-Zaoi have built their culture and legacy from conflict and are not afraid to display their might to their enemies. All who stand before the might of the New Zua-Zaoi Empire, or worse, attempt against their freedom, will pay with a fate worse than death.

Created by OluapPlayer and MatthewMosley


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