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The Willosaur or Willosaurus was a tripedal, triocular, carnivorous creature showcased by Will Wright at the Game Developers' Conference in 2005. Originally nameless, fans quickly began to refer to the creature thus. The name of "Willosaur" is possibly a reference to "Will Wright". The dominant culture of Willosaurs live on their home planet Tamaran, a Dr. Seuss-style city with multi-colored, rounded buildings. They also retained some of their creator's humor in the Space Stage, where their old enemies were dropped onto the nearby planet Frore, which has no atmosphere; thus the creature exploded. The species likely became Tripod Neuvo as no true fate exists for the creature and since it was sapient and built starships its most likely the case, but its prey and predators are known to be extinct. Although the Willosaur was not the first creature ever created in Spore (the first ever was the Debug Squid), it is the first to ever be fully used and go through every stage of the game.




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Featured fiction: Waptoria Alliance of Species


The Waptoria Alliance of Species are a friendly, yet quite strong empire, who have colonies in the Mirus, Elalma, Milky Way and Andromedan galaxies, as well in the Intergalactic Rifts. They are well known for using organic biomass as their main building material, Bio-Fuel as their main energy supply, and being eco-friendly. Most of their Cities are tropical rainforest with frequent rain. When they go at war, this because the empire is a treat to the biodiversity, or to other empires.

Created by Ecoraptor3339

Featured captain: Pelagrios


Did I sleep with fifty three women...or a woman who was fifty-three? I forget...but number doesn't outweigh experience...that's for sure.

- Pelagrios in a drunken slur

Pelagrios Sea-Cutter (Full name: Pelagius Kimeyos Drimios) is a half-elvish pirate who sails the southern oceans of Koldenwelt.

Created by Xho

Featured story: New Cyrandia Wars/Year One


Once again, conflict grips the galaxy and the cluster. This will be the war to decide the very future of the Empire.

- Guolivian

The New Cyrandia Wars's opening year brought about a return to galactic conflict that had been gone from the Cyrannus Galaxy since the end of the Great Cyrannus War. Armed with a devotion to their cause of independence from the ever-expanding Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Cyrannian Imperial State fought tooth and claw for its independence from Orbispira and the end of the domination of the Libertus and the Core Worlds, while nefarious forces such as the Bisistar Domain and the Rihanae Pact turn their gaze towards the democratic New Cyrannian Republic and their new allies.

Created by Cyrannian and Dinoman82

Featured creature: Aithrena Elf

Aithrena Elf

The Aithrena are a fascinating people. Their philosophies regarding death are something many of us would consider unethical, but it's part of who they are and they don't have anything against it. Their acceptance for their fates shows how dignified they are, and despite what many may say, their link with darkness does not stop them from being a welcoming and pleasant people I'm more than glad to live with. And... ahem. They are rather pretty as well.

- Kassina Tefrignatus, Fire Lady of the Erylia Elves

The Aithrena Elves, otherwise known as the Wildwood Elves, Forest Elves, and Tree Elves, are a species of deiwos that reside primarily within the Western Forests of Koldenwelt. One of the most prominent races of elves, as well as one of the most influential within the walls of the Dryadali Sovereign, a society that they co-founded alongside other ancient elven species, the Aithrena are also perhaps one of the more outlandish due to their ethereal, almost alien appearance and their culture, which is infamous for practices of necromancy and cannibalism.

Created by Lucario of the Gods


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