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After a player's creature grows from a cell, they leave the sea and enter the Creature Stage, which is the first 3D stage of the game. The idea of the Creature Stage is to evolve their creature from an enlarged version of the player's final avatar in the cell stage up to an intelligent species, their final avatar in the creature stage. There are many possible combinations of parts to create near-infinite varieties of creatures. The different creature parts give the creature different abilities, and in addition to these abilities your creature has one consequence ability gained by its behaviour in the cell stage.

During this stage, the aim is to gain DNA to increase the size of your brain, with the goal of evolving your creature to sapience. The main ways of earning DNA are either by befriending other creatures or by hunting them down; your creature's consequence abilities for future stages depend on which strategy you concentrate on, or if you choose a balance between the two.




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Featured fiction: Algolurn Popular Republic

Algolurn Popular Republic

From this day, and for as long as we exist, we shall seek inequalities wherever it is hiding. Injustices are vile trees, which can only bear rotten fruits of oppression. We shall not abide them to exist anywhere and for this therefore, we must burn them to the ground with the Holy fire of the Revolution.

- Comrade Vladimir Tremere, in his speech in Soyuzgrad after the victory of the Kevalve Revolution.

The Algolurn Popular Republic (abriviated APR) is a medium sized communist technocratic federation situated in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Byzan Sector. Renowned as famous (or infamous) across the civilized empires for their unorthodox ways, the APR value Equality above everything else. To promote scientific cooperation, the APR is an active member of The Civilisation. The APR is also one of the main combatant in the Upstarts Wars, against the Kioskstrum Collective and the Drenmarr Republic.

Created by 20100vincent

Featured captain: Medusa Heimdall


The Tyrant of the Drakodominatus Tyranny and the sole daughter of the now deceased Tyrant Abaddon Heimdall. Medusa Heimdall is a cold and manipulative individual who uses words as weapons to make everybody around her serve her. Like other female Dominatus, she is reserved in her violence and is not brutal but plotting, manipulative, and deceptive. Her intelligence as a Dominatus Omega and her status as the daughter of the Tyrant along wit her incredible intellectual prowess even among her subtype in her specialized fields along with her relatively young age have made her the chief diplomat of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. She is currently the Tyrant of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, where her capacity to wage war on powers comparable to the Tyranny has been shown to be far less than that of her father.

Created by GreatDestroyer12

Featured story: Ice Age/Son of Gotla

Son of Gotla

Our home is gone. A new threat marches over the galactic horizon. Alas, in this cold expanse, hatred burns like wax - bad blood, the fire. The opposition; titans and gods of death. Let it be heard, bloodletters, that while we may be but mortal men... we are anything other than mere.

- Unknown

Created by OluapPlayer and Lucario of the Gods

Featured creature: [[Creature:Tybusen|Tybusen]]

Tybusen TIAF

The Tybusen are a generally peaceful race originating from Tropicana in the Gandropsy system. They are best known for being the leaders of the TIAF. This creature is the most common member of the Tybus genus, having been sighted on numerous planets. It is weak in combat, but is a very social creature. Tybusen are known for being a peaceful species. They originated on the planet Tropicana, and have since evolved and spread out into the Bunsen Galaxy. Intergalactic travelers have spotted Tybusen in other galaxies as well. However, none of these Tybusen offshoots, other than the original TIAF Tybusen, have ever become civilized.

Created by CaptainTybusen


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