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The Adventure Creator is an editor featured in the Galactic Adventures expansion pack. It comes with several new adventure-related achievements. One of its main features is the ability to create planets and missions that can be uploaded to the Sporepedia.




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Featured fiction: The Sequence

The Sequence


The Sequence is, or was, an extremely ancient and advanced artificial intelligence system that ran a mechanised empire in a no-longer existent galaxy, where it waged a war against the Venhokwe Oligarchy. The war resulted in the Sequence's near total extermination, but isolated examples survived in Venhokwe research stations and have managed to escape from time to time. Escaped specimens have altered into numerous new mechanical lifeforms with varying prolificacy, but something on the scale of the original Sequence Empire has yet to be established.

Created by Liquid Ink

Featured captain: Caranye


I love assassinating assassins. They're always so shocked.

- Caranye

Caranye is a female Ortella who serves as a special agent of Imperial Intelligence. Carayne is considered the most deadly operative of Intelligence by many, and is skilled in the ways of assassination, seduction and infiltration making the young Ortella one of the Empire's secret weapons. Thanks to the infamous permeability of Imperial Intelligence throughout the Cyrannus Galaxy, Caranye is afforded the ability to traverse the entire galaxy with an almost debonair disposition, confident in her loyalty the Empire but also her own sense of superiority over the myriad of enemies faced by the Empire in the Gigaquadrant at large.

Created by Cyrannian

Featured story: Kicathian Dissension


Fuck the Emperor.

- Agent Nu

The Kicathian Dissension, known among the Kicath as the Plazithian Revolution was a 217-day war between the Kicathian Remnant and Kicath Empire in the Milky Way Galaxy. Significant for the drastic territorial losses and gains, the Kicathian Remnant returned to become a Gigaquadrantic superpower at the end of the war, as well as revealing numerous revelations that the Kicath Empire and the Dominion of the Xhodocto had merged. The aftermath of the war brought about many political and social revelations and changes in the Kicathian Remnant.

Created by Xho

Featured creature: Ermitant


The Ermitants are probably the most harmless people you can come across at Cyrannus. They would not hurt a fly. Indeed, they would much rather try and make deals with it. A sly people, they are, but you must be a heartless monster to even consider hurting them.

- Eviran

The Ermitants as a species of vaguely primate-like mammals natives of Planet Puria, at the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Well known for being extremely peaceful and with a great taste for commerce, they currently live divided between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic due to the machinations of the Phaedric Acolytes. Their welcoming behaviour makes them attractive and easy to make friends with, while at the same time making them nearly defenseless against those who wish to exploit them.

Created by OluapPlayer


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