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If you are in the neighborhood, we'd love to have you by for a free breakfast and short presentation. Just look for the third rock from Sol.

- Steve

In the Spore universe, the planet Earth is an Easter egg. Earth, along with other planets from the real life Solar system, can be found in the game. Once a player finds Earth, they are rewarded the "Manifest Destiny" Achievement. If a player chooses to destroy Earth with the Planet Buster, they will also achieve the "Oh the Humanity!" achievement. Earth is uninhabited by default, but sometimes, creatures can stroll around the planet.




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Featured fiction: Empire of Man

The Empire Founded

The Empire of Man (Old Tongue: Hominum Imperium - Man's Empire), otherwise known simply as the Empire, is a large, yet somewhat recent, civilization that resides upon the world of Koldenwelt. The Empire consists almost exclusively of humans, a Deiwos species that despite its short lifespan is arguably as one of the most populous and diverse races on Koldenwelt's surface. Formed out of the petty kingdoms founded by the rebel slaves of the Dryadali Sovereign, the Empire has since then grown to become one of the most advanced and powerful nations of Koldenwelt thanks to the sharing of knowledge and resources between the societies under its banner, its people having mastered metallurgy, architecture, and advanced technology like gunpowder.

Created by TheImperios and Lucario of the Gods

Featured captain: Apaltar

Count Apaltar

Apaltar is a male Apationagtus politician that currently serves as the first President of the New Cyrannian Republic. Born on the Apationagtus homeworld of Apheria in the Cyrannus Galaxy, he later migrated to the Quadrant Galaxies and helped establish a Republic colony on the planet Apatalore. When he became Count of Apatalore, he grew in influence, but refused to accept the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, but kept the location of his world and people safe from the Empire's grasp, ultimately becoming a member (and later the leader) of the Republic in Exile.

During the third year of Imperial Rule, Apaltar aided Aedanius Cretacea in establishing the New Cyrannian Republic, ultimately being elected its first President. Apaltar firmly believes the Republic should seek allies and way to live in peace with the Empire instead of bringing conflict to the colonies.

Created by Dinoman82 and Cyrannian

Featured story: Franco-Drodo Colonial War

Franco-Drodo Colonial War

Well, isn't this a mess.

- Sous-maréchal Aurélien Ortiz

The Franco-Drodo Colonial War, also known as the Hathar Conflict, was a short military conflict between the Holy Arthalonian Empire, joined by the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies, and the Kievan Empire, joined by the French Quadrant Colonies. Lasting just eight days from November 5 to November 13, 2797, it began as an attempt by Vlorn Fluve, Chancellor of the Holy Arthalonian Empire, to play on their association with the Drodo Empire and get them to aid them in putting an end to their longtime rival, the Kivan Empire. The plan worked, and as the Kivan Empire rose to answer Arthalonian provocations, the Drodo Colonial Army rallied behind the Arthalonians, thinking they were under attack from the French.

Created by The Clanden and Operation Marines

Featured creature: Vartekian


If one is to lead his people he must not drive them but instead earn their respect.

- Captain Votarah

Vartekians are evil, corrupt and ruthless tyrants who will kill anyone in their way. They are extremely ambitious and in their education they are taught the concepts of leadership. Diplomatically they will usually ally just so the partner will make the killing faster. Vartekians are adaptable and may live on any planet they choose. Their empire expands through a web of allies and their own planets.

The Vartekians have constructed their own robots for foot soldiers. The Vartekian is a threat to any species they come in contact with. The Vartekians are intelligent and consider each war as a game of chess. They are also the founders of the Confederation of Andromeda and members of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Created by Richardson72


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