Adventure objects are things in adventures that are pre-made by Maxis. They include Fixed Objects, Gameplay Objects, Sound Effects, and Visual Effects.

Fixed objects Edit

Fixed Objects

Several fixed objects clumped together. None of them can be interacted with.

Fixed Objects are solid items that can not be interacted with. They mainly serve as decorations, and there are a wide variety of different types of them. However, you can disguise a gameplay object as a fixed object if interaction is necessary. Also, there are handheld objects, some of which, ironically, can not be held. For the most part, though, you can hold them.

Gameplay objects Edit

Gameplay Objects

A large group of undisguised gameplay objects.

Gameplay Objects are things that you interact with, such as gates, teleporters, and bombs. You can disguise gameplay objects as buildings, creatures (using a glitch*) or fixed objects, or make them invisible. Many gameplay objects, such as bombs, power-ups, and crates, are simple single objects that function without a partner. On the other hand, keys, gates, and teleporters work in pairs. Keys unlock gates of the same color, and teleporters teleport to a teleporter created at the same time as itself.

List of Gameplay Objects Edit

  1. Gates with Keys
  2. Bombs with timers (short, medium, and long)
  3. Crates
  4. Explosive barrels
  5. Grenades
  6. Mines
  7. Jump Pads
  8. Teleporters
  9. Power-ups (health, speed, energy, armor, and damage)

Disguising Objects Edit

You can disguise gameplay objects as buildings, creatures (using a glitch*) or fixed objects, or make them invisible. The player can create still creatures by disguising a gate as a vehicle first, and then choosing a creature, enter its edit mode, and then click the green tick button on the side. The creature will then act like a fixed object, which is usefull for making frozen creatures or statues.

Sound effects Edit

Sound Effects

The six different types of sound effects.

Sound Effects liven up the advnture with music, cheering crowds, alarms, and much more. In the adventure creator, they are displayed as pinpoints with an icon above showing what type of sound they represent.

By turning the blue circle around each object, the pitch or even the music itself can change. This applies to all sound objects. Sounds and music can be hidden in certain acts, and sting sound effects can appear when the player moves near them. The volume of sound and music can also be changed. to be louder or quiter.

Visual Effects Edit

Visual Effects

It is not a good idea to overuse visual effects.

Visual effects add light, dust, explosions, bugs, and many other types of effects to an otherwise-plain adventure. Some visual effects, such as mushroom clouds and bees, are particle effects, while others, such as chain-link fences and drapes, serve as intangible decorations.

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