Adventure Town is the very first adventure you play in Spore Galactic Adventures and is, in most cases a tutorial.

Adventure Town is free of battles for the entire length you play it. However there is a selection of 'minigames' in Adventure Town. Adventure Town, however is not an adventure where death is unavoidable. If by some minute chance the player dies, the message "Adventure Town is normally a friendly place... please try again!" will appear.

Adventure Town is also a 'reward' for playing the very first adventure, and this reward is in the picture of 100 Sporepoints for your Captain. These 100 points allow the player to buy their first Captain Equipment piece.

Introduction Edit

Upon loading the adventure, the first goal is to move to the gate to the town. On the player's way, the player will meet dancing Bunny Froo Froos, although they are known as Adventure Town Bunnies within the adventure. They all have positive emotions, in which they say that they are pleased to see the player. Once the player reaches the gate, there are two guards, who will repeat the welcome message and invite the player into Adventure Town.

Main Game Edit

The second goal after entering Adventure Town is to talk to a frog-like character named Mr. Mayor. He welcomes the player to this tutorial adventure and sets another goal: to talk to the inhabitants of the town. There, the player must talk to three people: the Gallery Owner, who owns an interactive museum; the Playwright, who is choreographing a play including a hero and a fake dragon; and Ms. Spoffit, who runs a small farm-like area and who introduces the player to the Spoffits, a common gag in Maxis Adventures. Once the player has talked to Ms. Spoffit, the next goal is to talk to the Carnie. Here is an optional minigame where you throw explosive pies at a Clown, who taunts you and can be hit with the 'pies' but not killed. Near the Carnie is a large ramp. You must ascend the ramp and talk to Captain Amazing. Finally, the player must return to the town entrance and talk to the mayor one last time in order to leave Adventure Town.

Easter Eggs & Trivia Edit

  • If the player hops into the sheep shearing machine, the captain will appear on an island full of exploding pies in the shape of a smiling face and die. This island is designed to kill the Spoffits that enter the machine so that they respawn, giving the appearance that many Spoffits are entering the machine and coming out sheared on the other end.
  • Ms. Spoffit mentions that some of her Spoffits have run away. This is where the player first learns of the Easter egg most common to Maxis-made adventures: there is a Spoffit hidden in nearly every one.
  • The player can throw exploding pies at the Clown in an optional minigame, advertised by the Carnie. While you can hit the clown, he is invincible, so he cannot be killed. The exploding pies are one of the few ways to die during the course of this adventure. Ironically, the Clown is called "Blasto the Clown"'.
  • The inside of the museum is actually located on the other side of the planet and connected to the main town by a pair of teleporters disguised as doors.
  • If the captain steals the honey from the area near the screaming beekeeper and gives it to the Phyrus Farmers, they will act happy and pass the honey between one another every few seconds.
  • In the museum you will find a statue of Steve, with a description saying he was last seen selling timeshares near the Galactic Core. This mirrors what he says about nearly being sold out on "a wonderful time-share opportunity" in-game. This corresponds to when the player encounters Steve in the main game.
  • The other artifacts in the museum include Baldemoore's Cup, the Corpse of King Rocky the Rock, a Golden Gnome, and the Crown of King Bubbulon the 397th.
Spore 2009-08-02 23-42-59

The Steve statue.

  • When Captain Amazing moves his fingers, he looks like he's trying to give you the middle finger because he only has 3 fingers. Note that this is not intentional at all. It is just something that can be noticed for the sake of humor! This can also be seen in other creatures that use the same type of graspers that Captain Amazing uses. Another instance is when the Carnie opens their mouth their eye balls are in it.
  • At the gate into the town, you can see two guardians. One is at green face but another is at the red face, but is invincible and won't attack you.
  • The Carnie looks a bit like Mr. Mayor.
  • Captain Amazing is actually on the roof of the Gallery Owner's museum.
  • There is an island on the planet that has four rocks that you can't delete on it.