Alabyew are tribal creatures present in the final game. The name may be derived from the phrase "I love you," said in a childish tone. They are more combative than social with other tribes, but scientists believe that before they formed tribes, they were much more social creatures, based on their physiology.

Subspecies Edit

There is an extinct subspecies of Alabyew, Flavudata alabyew alabyew, from which the modern Alabyew, Flavudata alabyew tribalus, evolved. They did not have the same mental capacity as the existing Alabyew. Their past actions are wholly speculative, based on their anatomy.

Biologists believe that primitive alabyew were fairly social creatures, unlike their modern counterparts, usually attempting to impress other creatures before resorting to violence. They are thought to have been good at singing, charming and posing, and their feet show signs of being able to dance, though not very well.

If attacked, they could not run very fast, though they could jump and glide a bit better. But if backed into a corner, they likely would have vainly scratched and bitten, in the hopes that their assailant would run away.

Alabyew Creature

A reconstruction of what primitive Alabyew may have looked like.

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