The Alderbrook is an official Maxis creature, present in the final game. It is a rather simple creature, and it has a difficult time finding prey that it can take down.

It has three eyes on top of its large head, looking directly at the sky. It can only see forward if it leans its head down. It cannot run very fast, so it finds difficulty catching other creatures to eat. For the size of its mouth, it is not very powerful. Its bite may hurt a bit, but it is rarely able to take down prey. It is unable to attack in any other manner, as it lacks claws, it cannot charge, and it has no poison glands. Luckily for the Alderbrook, they have six protective spikes on their backs, which will keep most attackers from doing lethal damage. It seems likely that their eyes evolved on top of their head and they have spiked backs to protect themselves from birds of prey, which may prey on them otherwise.

It has also been heard singing, though the tunes they produce are unimpressive. It is unable to dance, charm or pose.

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