The Amarken is an official Maxis creature, present in the final game. The origin of its name is unknown, and may have been borrowed from an alien language. Though the Amarken is a complex creature, it is rather weak at combat, and only moderately impressive in social situations.

Amarken are primarily social creatures, and although they are omnivores, they tend to only eat fruit from low bushes, as they are not very skilled at combat. Their only means of attack is a moderately painful bite. When they do eat meat, it is often after finding another creature's abandoned prey.

Amarken are known as being quite charming, despite their spiny, bumpy, porous surface. They are also somewhat creative at posing, and will do so to impress other creatures. They can dance, though they are not extremely good at it, and their singing is often off-key, and will do little to impress anyone.