Andromeda: The Gravitic Warmaster, Quantum Tempest from Zelem's Nexus.

Darkspore AndromedaPGN HD

Andromeda (Gamma) in a Squad Deck.


Andromeda as seen from the video she was first shown in. She appears to be on Cryos.

Andromeda the Gravitic Warmaster is a Quantum Tempest from the game Darkspore. She has a very humanoid appearance, albeit sporting wings, four-jointed legs, tentacle-like hair, and a tail. She seems quite similar to the common depiction of a pixie. She appears to have bright glowing lights where her eyes would normally be, and her aura manifests as two blue rings on the ground she stands upon. She shares the same genesis type and class as Orion.

Revelation Edit

Andromeda was first seen in a video from the Darkspore ARG, Help E-DNA, in which the video showed her standing in one spot, twirling her scepter-like weapon, but because her back was turned towards the camera, her face could not be seen. She was dubbed "Unknown" from there and onward, until /11/17/10/, when senior systems designer Paul Sottosanti revealed her name upon request on the Darkspore forum. She was seen again briefly in the Loot developer diary.

Darkspore Andromeda

Andromeda on Verdanth.

Darkspore AndromedaVariants

Andromeda and her variants. This was the very first image in which Andromeda could be seen clearly.

Lore Edit

Before the fall of the Nexus, Andromeda was an elite gravitic engineer who saved the heavily populated island of Mishima. When a reactor malfunction sent a dozen islands hurtling straight at Mishima, Andromeda aimed anti-gravity pulses to repel those islands and saved countless lives.

So impressed was the hidden Crogenitor Zelem by the brilliance of his "child," that he revealed his presence in the Nexus to her with a series of cryptic communications that eventually led her to his enclave. Once she arrived, Zelem made her his protg along with the other genetic heroes he'd created, teaching her as much as she could learn about Crogenitor cosmological and gravitic theory.

When the Darkspore invaded, Zelem either died in the attack, or disappeared. Deprived of her mentor, Andromeda constructed a series of gravity weapons, fighting alongside Zelem's other genetic heroes on guerrilla strikes against the Darkspore controlling the Nexus.

Abilities Edit

Force Pulse (Basic Ability) -A projectile attack that knocks back a single enemy. Has a 10 second cooldown.

Gravity Storm -Andromeda picks up multiple enemies and slams them into the ground, severely damaging them, and immobilizing them temporarily.

Time Bubble (Beta Variant)-Creates a force field that causes anything that enters it to slow down in speed by 80%.

Repulsion Sphere (Squad Ability) -Creates a wave that can redirect enemy projectiles and blast back enemies as well.

Shooting Star (Gamma Variant) -Launches an accelerating miniature asteroid that deals 70 physical damage plus additional damage based on its current speed.

Trivia Edit

  • At Comic-con 2010, when loot is being explained, there is a part called "Andromeda's Wings". This may mean that Andromeda's wings are actually parts that can be equipped, and also means that Andromeda, or at least her concept, has existed since the very beginning of Darkspore.
  • Her name probably comes from our (Real-life) neighbor galaxy; the Andromeda.
  • Andromeda's voice is very high-pitched and sounds similar to a banshee's scream.
  • Andromeda resembles a Na'vi from the movie Avatar.

Hero Spotlight Video Edit

Andromeda was the second hero to have a 'Hero Spotlight' video, the first being Zrin.

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