Anti-Matter Bomb Icon

Anti-Matter Bomb's icon

"A very powerful weapon, capable of destroying entire cities."

Anti-matter bombs are extremely powerful space-to-ground weapons, made purchaseable in the late Space Stage.

This weapon is one of the most powerful, beaten only by the Planet Buster. Often, its use leads to surrender of the entire planet itself. The weapon itself damages an area that covers roughly one twentieth of the planet, with a damage well over 10,000; it could destroy every living creature and structure in its blast range. It is ideal for instant takeover of hostile planets (including homeworlds), and does not break the Galactic Code. It also destroys spaceships in the vicinity of the blast. An effective strategy on Grox systems is to use a Shield and circle over the city until there are spaceships surrounding you. Drop the bomb, and the city and the encircling spaceships should be destroyed.

However, anti-matter bombs are very expensive, and you can buy at most three from any empire at any given transaction.

Anti-matter bomb

An Anti-Matter bomb detonating

Anti-matter Bombs seem to cause greater damage on Flurry Planets.


This tool uses purchased ammunition.

This requires the Colonist 4 or the Conqueror 4 badge.


This tool can be purchased in the following locations:

Your Empire : §400,000
Knight Empire : §200,000
Warrior Empire : §200,000

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