Anticipaste are pear-shaped creatures present in the final Spore game. They are the only Maxis-made creatures in the game which are asymmetrical (except for the Grox), as their stems tilt, and they only have leaves on one side. However, as of patch 1.05, they and the Grox are no longer uniquely asymmetrical, as this patch included asymmetry.

Despite being omnivores, Anticipaste are not fighters, and will only eat meat that others have killed. Their only form of attack is a weak bite. Usually, they end up becoming prey for other creatures because they can barely fight back, and have no body armor to protect themselves.

Anticipaste are social creatures, being known as somewhat charming, sometimes even singing in order to impress others. They can also dance, but not well enough to impress many creatures, other than the ones who cannot dance at all.

Trivia Edit

  • Anticipaste could be the descendants of the Payer.
  • The name is close to Antipasti and Anticipate. The "anticipate" part may have foreshadowed asymmetry (anticipate means to expect or look forward to, in this case to anticipate asymmetry).
  • Anticipaste's asymmetry isn't the same as the asymmetry that came with patch 1.05; when clicked or dragged, the leaves and stem will become symmetrical instead of moving asymmetrically.

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