The Ape is a Maxis-made creature, present in the final game. It is based on the animals of the Gorilla genus of real animals. The name is taken from the English word "ape," which includes any member of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates.

Traits Edit

Apes are not the strongest fighters, nor are they too difficult to impress, but they are noted as being fairly capable at sneaking around. They are also known to be somewhat impressive dancers. Apes have a bit of a temper, which does not serve them well, as their only method of attacking foes comes in the form of a weak bite. They would be better off running away, though their pride, and somewhat slow gait do not often allow them the opportunity to run. Strangely, Apes usually spawn their nests close to the players nest, making them an excellent source of food for those who don't want to ally with them.

Ape and Aepox Empire Edit

Aepox Empire

An Aepox citizen.

Troops of Apes have evolved into its own subspecies, Gorilla aepus sapiens. They go by the name of Ape Empire and Aepox Empire. Similarly to their ancestors, these empires are also quick to anger. The Aepox empire are usually found as either Zealots or Warriors. On the total contrary, the Ape empire usually are showed as a Scientist Empire, and these two are always at war when the uncommon thing happens.