Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus is a Cyber Destructor from Darkspore, the boss fought on the planet Infinity. His name was found in Darkspore's files, but only his name is currently known.

Lore Edit

Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus Ambitious, arrogant and ingenious, Crogenitor Arcturus rose to prominence by exploring the interiors of stars via peerless cybermechanical engineering. In doing so he advanced Crogenitor astronomical knowledge by generations.

Arcturus reportedly sought permission to conduct astro-explosive experiments—literally, he planned to destroy entire suns to study the results. His colleagues concluded he was a sociopath. Determined eventually to have his way, Arcturus joined Crogenitor Xylan's faction, believing Xylan's promise that with him, anything would become possible.

Once Xylan "resurrected" himself as the Corruptor, Arcturus bolstered Xylan's war with a new weapon. He transformed failed Genetic Hero candidates—test subjects not suitable for the rank, for whatever psychological or genetic reasons—into cybernetic living bombs. Those cyber-soldiers descended into Crogenitor strongholds on Zelem's Nexus and detonated themselves, securing Xylan the first major victory of his campaign.

Xylan rewarded Arcturus with a series of powerful transfections, including the ability to leap great heights and crush his opponents upon impact. Xylan also granted Arcturus weapons, including rotating blade-projectiles and combat lasers. Thus, in battle, Arcturus has become one of the most terrifying destructors in the galaxy.

Battle Strategy Edit

During fights, Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus will fly into the air, leaving the screen and thus being impossible to damage. He will then start throwing missiles at random locations in the enclosed boss area. The ground is marked with a target reticule before the missile hits, so dodging the rockets should not be too hard. Upon death, Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus explodes, leaving a few bits off the ground.