Aver is one of the many creations created by Maxis. It is commonly seen as a rogue or angry creature in the Creature Stage and seen a lot as a animal (can be domesticated) in Tribal Stage. The angry creature group is tough to defeat at lower levels when they randomly attack you, since in packs they can kill you easily, which becomes a nuisance.

Description Edit

The Aver is a medium sized creature that has four legs on its body, and it has one set of arms, it has level three poison glands on its tail and has level 3 wings on its back. They have an omnivorous mouth and level 3 horns on its head. The baby version of the Aver is easy to identify because the eyes of the baby Aver are big enough to hide their horns. The rogue Aver has dirtcharge, which allows it to run and sprint rather well, unlike most normal non-rogue creatures.

Socializations Skills Edit

The Aver has level four singing, which allows it to impress creatures more easily. When the Aver performs this, the level four singing animation is used. Due to the social skills set for the Aver it is strongly advised that you use it for social means rather than killing it.

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