A Quadrakiller attacks Goliath.

Ballistic Quadrakillers are Plasma lieutenants native to Cryos. They were inspired by creations submitted for a contest on the Sporepedia.

Description Edit

What has four arms, three eyes, and can fire a savage salvo of lightning orbs at the nearest genetic hero? The Ballistic Quadrakiller, a Darkspore enemy that inhabits the icy world of Cryos, waiting to unleash barrage after barrage of lightning orbs upon unsuspecting prey.

Its only weakness is that it falls into a state of exhaustion after each volley, allowing heroes to surround it before felling it with a flurry of blows.

Trivia Edit

  • The template for the Ballistic Quadrakiller on had a tail, two legs, four limbs, and horn-like protrusions on it's "head". Strangely, the Quadrakiller seen in Darkspore resembles nothing of the templates, and has three legs as well as eyes, and four arms and a head resembling one of the mouths from the Spore Bot Parts Pack. This caused a bit of a controversy on the Sporum, although it may just have been because the team developers were still deciding what Genesis type the Quadrakiller was going to be placed in at the time.

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