180px-Galactic Adventures boxart

Barbados is the green captain in the middle of the cover image.

Barbados is a Maxis-made captain in Spore Galactic Adventures. He is the most well-known mascot of Spore Galactic Adventures, and appears in many images and trailers. A version of him also appears on the game's box cover. He also appears as The Space Captain in one of the trailers.

Personality & Traits Edit

He prefers low-powered weapons, as they do not consume very much energy, which he needs for his various transportation systems. He has several power batteries around his hip and many compact energy generators on his feet, in addition to four hover packs granting him the power of flight. However, Barbados does not have any socialization skills, and most likely avoids such missions in favor of combat missions. He also completely lacks any parts that increase his ability to survive, which is another weakness, especially with one who considers Barbados to lack out-right killing power.

But even then, this captain is not one to be messed with, and he can easily plow through large numbers of melee enemies by slowly wearing them down with a barrage of missiles and pulse blasts. During close-quarters combat, he can deal an enormous amount of punishment with a flurry of lightning strikes and energy slashes, and can easily escape from enemies with his sheer amount of options for mobility.

Trivia Edit

  • It is impossible to create Barbados through the space stage or through Quick Play because he has twelve Captain accessories.
  • While Barbados seems to be a major character in GA—seeing as that he and his allied crewmates are featured on the cover of GA and in official trailers—none of the pre-installed Maxis missions seem to feature him as the protagonist.
  • Barbados is also the name of an island.

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