Barbaros is a large, dark green, Maxis-made captain in Spore Galactic Adventures. He is quite similar to Barbados, another Maxis-made captain. He is slightly less social and mobile than Barbados, but like Barbados, he carries all the warrior weapons set to level one, thus reducing his energy usage.

Infestation Edit

Barbaros appears on the Maxis made adventure, Infestation. In Infestation, he is the strongest creature (besides strong captains) and has 250 health. He is considered the leader of a troop of Defenders because of his size, the variety of captain parts, and the fact that the player captain has to talk to him and also he is the only one with a shown name. It is recommended that weaker captains stay with Barbaros during Infestation.

Infestation-Dronox Invasion Edit

In the adventure: Infestation-Dronox Invasion, you play as Dronox and must kill Barbaros. It is highly recommended that you stay near other Dronox, as he is not the easiest captain to kill. With the use of his lightning strikers, missile flingers and other weapons, he is a formidable foe.

Trivia Edit

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