The BatBoy is a Maxis made creature, present in the final game. They are bat-like creatures with fly-like eyes and very large ears.

The BatBoys are social creatures. When fighting, they can deal a weak bite and a moderate dazing charge. If they need to escape battle, they are good jumpers and can fly for a long time.

When socializing, BatBoys are good singers. They are also very good at charming. BatBoys are fast, small creatures that can be easy preys for stronger predators.

Trivia Edit

  • BatBoys are most likely named in reference to Bat Boy of Weekly World News fame, although since its tail is somewhat similar to a club, it could also be after Batboy.
  • The BatBoy may also be a reference to the Spore part of the same name. It doesn't have this part though.
  • It's also possible that the creature is a reference to Batman.

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