In Spore Creatures and Spore Hero Arena, Bio powers are useful attacks. There are a few in Spore Creatures, but a much wider variety is available in Spore Hero Arena. They are much like the Consequence Powers in the original Spore.

Spore Creatures Edit

Bio-powers are special attacks used in Spore Creatures that are used by various creatures. They include Heal, which restores some of your health; Flame Jet, which makes you breath fire on your enemy; Leaf flurry, which makes leaves swirl around you, damaging all nearby enemies; Shield, which protects you from damage; and Stun, which temporarily incapacitates an enemy. Each takes up Energy, so using energy-regenerating parts is useful.

Spore Creatures Powers Edit

Spore Hero Arena Edit

In Spore Hero Arena, there is a much wider variety of bio powers. Instead of just Stunning and Spitting Fire, creatures can do much more, like Teleporting, Health Draining, and Thunder Shocking.

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