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Bite is a method of attack available in Creature Stage. It deals the lowest damage out of it and Strike, however it attacks faster due to a shorter cooldown time. All of the mouths available in Spore grant this ability, although only the Carnivore mouths and a few Omnivore mouths that have the higher abilities. Due to its fast attack speed and solid damage, Bite is best used as a 'fallback' attack while the higher damage attack Strike does the main damage, supported by Charge and Spit.

Levels Edit

Like all other combat abilities in Spore, the strength of bite is represented by levels 1 through 5. 1 is the weakest and 5 the strongest. The level of bite affects the amount of damage it deals each use. All bite attacks, regardless of level, have a 1 second cooldown between attacks. The table below shows how each level of bite affects the damage it deals.

Level Damage Range
1 1
2 1.5
3 2
4 2.5
5 3

In Galactic Adventures, bite has a 0.25 damage multiplier (1/4 damage) when used against vehicles and buildings.

Animation Edit

When a creature performs Bite, an animation showing jaws biting is played. The number of times these jaws bite indicates the bite level of that creature. The number of animations is equal to the creatures bite level.


Bite animation

Notes Edit

  • Much like all abilities in Spore, the strength is represented by Level., with Level 1 being the weakest and Level 5 the strongest. All mouths give this ability.
  • In Spore Galactic Adventures, this ability is replaced by Bladed Knuckles or Toxic Crystal, depending on the player's choice.
  • Bite is the weakest attack, but it is the fastest attack
  • The number of times your creature bites something corresponds with the level of Bite your creature has. For example, when a creature bites something once, then it only has Level 1 Bite; if it bites twice, it has a Level 2 bite; and so on. When the bite icon is clicked in the editor, the animation shows the creature biting an additional time.
  • In Spore Galactic Adventures, creatures tend to use Bite to attack more than any other combat ability.
  • Since all creatures must have a mouth, every creature in the game can use the Bite attack.
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