Blood effects were seen in Spore back in 2005 and 2006, but it was later toned down. It was never explained why it was changed, but some believe that it was because the developers wanted the game to be more appropriate to the general audience.

In the 2005 demonstration of Spore that was led by Will Wright, blood effects were part of the Creature Stage and Space Stage, and were probably going to be featured in other stages.

Appearance in stages Edit

Cell Stage Edit

Blood is actually seen in the final version of Spore, but only in the Cell Stage. If a cell has been harmed or killed, magenta colored blood will appear. Also, chunks of meat have blood surrounding them.

Creature Stage Edit


A Willosaur's dead prey.

When Will Wright led his Willosaur in the creature stage, it was shown attacking a Tamaranian Hopper and blood spilled out of the prey. The Willosaur then proceeded to pull the creature's head off. The Willosaur was then able to eat the creature more realistically than it does now, with bloody meat and the ability to drag the body away.

Tribal Stage Edit

In the tribal stage, when a creature is eating fish or meat, several drops of blood spill from the creature's mouth, like the Willosaur eating its kill in the creature stage.

Civilization Stage Edit

It is unknown if there were blood effects in the Civilization Stage.

Space Stage Edit

It is known that if a creature got abducted and dropped it on a planet with no atmosphere it would explode in a shower of blood. However depending on the planet, the creature today will either burn, freeze, starve, or suffocate, without any blood In an early demo of Spore, a sentient creature was dropped into a city, and splat with blood.

Other Games Edit


Meditron spills the blood of his opponents.

Darkspore Edit

Blood happens to be used in the game Darkspore. When the player kills a enemy, it'll burst the blood. Later on, MaxisCactus said that the team is programming an option to turn the blood on or off and enemy will burst with E-DNA instead.

This caused a controversy among the fans complaining that there was too much blood and it was not realistic, however, some of them appreciate with the blood being there in the first place.

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