A bomb about to explode.

Bombs in Spore Galactic Adventures are explosive weapons that are added to Adventures as Gameplay Objects. Like other Gameplay Objects, they can be set to be invisible or to be disguised as another object (a vehicle, a building, a Fixed Object or, via glitch, a creature). There are also three other explosive weapons that are Gameplay Objects: mines, explosive barrels, and grenades.

All of these have power and blast radii that can be set by the player. The damage caused can range from 0 to 2000 health, and the blast radius can extend from 0 to 50 metres.

Bombs Edit

Bombs are objects that can be picked up either by a Captain or another creature. They are (unless disguised) black, spherical objects with a coloured strip around the middle. When picked up, they will begin a detonation sequence that leads to them exploding. They start beeping, with the beeps becoming more rapid as they become closer to exploding. With each beep, an orange ring of energy is emitted from the strip and eventually sparks fly out of the bomb too. After a certain period of time, the bomb explodes.

Bombs can be carried to a location and can then be dropped (if the captain holding the bomb wants to run away and escape undamaged), thrown to a target, or just held until it explodes.

There are three types of bomb: Short, Medium, and Long. These are distinguished by the colour of the strip around their centre and the time it takes them to explode.

  • Bomb Short
    • Red strip
    • 5 seconds to explode
  • Bomb Medium
    • Orange strip
    • 8 seconds to explode
  • Bomb Long
    • Yellow strip
    • 15 seconds to explode

With the proper use of creatures,bombs and behaviour it is possible to create kamikaze suicide bombers in adventures that will run to the player and explode. The Insectrox Mites in the "Infestation" adventures do this.

Other explosive objects Edit


From left to right: a mine, an explosive barrel, and a grenade.

The other three explosive weapons are similar to bombs, but look different and are triggered in different ways.

Mines are static devices that cannot be picked up, but are triggered by coming into contact with them (for example, walking over them). They will make noise if they are visible, but if they are invisible, they will be completely concealed. Also, mines can be made to be invisible, so they can be added with effects (an example: added with the shrapnel effect, to make it seem like the player has been shot).

Explosive barrels are similar to mines, but are only activated when they are damaged such as when shot by a Captain.

Grenades are the most similar to bombs, but they do not start a countdown when picked up. They have to be thrown at a target, and only explode when they come into contact with something else, whether it is the target, an ally, or the ground.

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