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A creature approaching a bone pile.

Bone piles are interactable objects that contain creature parts in the Creature Stage. If the player clicks on a bone pile, their creature will use its hands (mouth or foot if it doesn't have any) to dig it up. They will give different creature parts depending on their size, higher levels of bone piles corresponding to higher levels of parts. Bone piles, especially big ones, are often found near hostile creature's nests.

  • Level 1 bone piles are just small piles of bones. They can be found near undeveloped creature's nests.
  • Level 2 bone piles resemble the ribcages of small creatures, mostly buried underground.
  • Level 3 bone piles also resemble ribcages, but are larger than Level 2 bone piles and are mostly above ground. Lots of them can be found near your player after migration.
  • Level 4 bone pile consist of a fully-exposed ribcage and a skull that looks like a carnivorous fish head. These contain the best parts you can get, but are only found very rarely in the wild. The most noticeable areas to find these bone piles are always near an epic creature or, sometimes, on the tops of mountains.

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