The Braxoids are an aggressive race of avian beings created by Maxis, featured in the adventure Mothership Down.

History Edit

Nothing is mentioned of early Braxoid history, but they seem to have been a violent race even before the events of the adventure, during which a Braxoid Mothership shot down another race's Mothership, causing it to crash onto a Braxoid Colony. The survivors of the crashed mothership were then assaulted by Braxoid ground being beamed down from the Braxoid Mothership. A captain from the crashed Mothership was ordered by his commander to infiltrate the Braxoid Mothership and destroy it. The captain broke through the defenses of the Braxoid ground base and killed the Braxoid holding a Red Key to the Red Gate in the base that led to the teleporter that would take him into the Braxoid Mothership.

Killing the poorly defended crew of the Braxoid Mothership, he then destroyed the ship's reactor and escaped before the countdown went down completely. Making it out just in time, he watched as the Braxoid Mothership blew up in a massive explosion. Without a steady supply of troops, the remaining Braxoids near the base and those on the battlefield were quickly defeated. With that, the race the Braxoids were attacking were victorious and managed to fix their mothership and leave the hunk of rock they were stranded on.

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