A Bribe is a payment demanded from another Civilization or Space faring empire, ones that have a minus relationship with your empire or civilization. Some civilizations or empires will demand that you give them a sum of money in return for peace between their civilization or empire and yours. Though seemingly unfair, your civilization or empire can not demand bribes from others.

Space stage Edit

Bribe Any empire that has a minus relationship with you will demand bribes. Though it's thought only Warriors, Zealots and the Grox demand bribes in exchange for peace, it is not true. If you ignore a demand for a bribe, a negative relation bonus will appear, tensions will rise. If you are allied with or at war with another empire, they will not demand bribes. If you accept the bribe, it has no effect on your relations. If your empire does not have enough money to pay off the bribe, you can ignore the bribe. If you simply don't answer the demand or click the "Goodbye" button in the space transmitter, is no effect on your relationship with that specific empire. Zealots and Warriors are the most common empires that demand bribes, but (rarely) Bard, Scientist, Shaman, and (very rarely) Ecologist empires may also demand money.

The amount of money that empires demand increases with your badge rank, with the maximum amount being 750,000 Sporebucks at the Omnipotent rank. And up to 2,650,000 Sporebucks if the Grox are the ones demanding it at the Omnipotent rank.

Civilization stage Edit

Though rarer, occasionally Civilizations will demand money to keep an alliance forged between the two civilizations. In this case, the bribe sum wanted is usually a low amount of money to pay. The alliance will simply be diagnosed with a negative relation bonus to the alliance.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glitch in the Space Stage where empires(most commonly Zealots, though very rarely Bards) will send you a transmission declaring tribute while you have a positive reputation with them. Due to this factor, the game removes the transmission as it's impossible for an empire to demand tribute from you. However, it still counts as a tribute demand, and the transmission noise still appears. Because there is no way to pay this tribute, a permanent reputation penalty will appear with that empire, stating you refused to pay them tribute, even though you weren't given a Tribute demand in first place.

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