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A Broogus

The Broogus are among the last species encountered in Spore Creatures and are one of the two optional species in the game (the other being the Starspeck). The Broogus are able to use Leaf flurry which can deal large amounts of damage. They are enemies of the Starspeck, because they fight over the food hoarded by the Starspeck.

Biography Edit

The Broogus are blue and purple colored, with yellowish teeth and red eye pupils. They are one of the tallest creatures in the game, and have a bulky appearance. They also appear to have fur on their legs, arms and tail.

Stats Edit

The Broogus have an attack damage stat of 81, a defense stat of 54, and a social attribute of 87. Their large stats rival those of Gar' skuther and the Skuther, (this also applies to Koth and the Starspeck, although Starspeck's stats are slightly lower) making it a dangerous character in the game.

Trivia Edit

The fact that the Broogus have only have a defense stat 54 is not accurate, an the Broogus Leg part has a defense stat of 81. This also applies to their Metabolism stat, as the base metabolism is 192, but the metabolism stat for the Broogus Mouth is 96, 2 times less than the base metabolism stat. In fact, the only parts that are accurate about the Broogus in the Species Guide and in the Creature Creator - if one were to create a Broogus - is the Social Attribute and the Leaf flurry ability.

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