The Bunny Froo Froo is a Maxis made creature, present in the final game. They are small, rabbit-like creatures with large ears. Their mouths are made in a way that they appear to be always smiling.

They are weak, herbivorous creatures, and will only fight for self defense. They are capable of dealing a weak bite and a weak strike. Because of this, they are easy prey for predators.

When socializing, Bunny Froo Froos are nice singers. They are also reasonably good dancers and can also pose, but not very well. They are, however, great at charming.

Trivia Edit

  • Bunny Froo Froos are recurring characters in Maxis missions in Spore Galactic Adventures. They are the inhabitants of the tutorial mission, Adventure Town, and also appeared in trailers in a large number, following the captain in a combative pose.
  • "Bunny Froo Froo" sounds almost exactly like "Bunny Foo Foo", a bad bunny that kept scooping up field mice and bopping them on the head and was turned into a goon in a children's song.

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