The C'Servoid are Maxis-made creatures that are featured in the adventure TX-5000 Super Weapon. There are two types of C'Servoid, the Soldier and the Trooper. The Soldier is a bluish-grey colour, while the Trooper is a greenish-yellow colour. An additional purple C'Servoid model exists, though not used in the adventure, called "Dr Loctopus".

They are aggressive conquerors, who have enslaved species.

Biology Edit

The C'Servoid are a bipedal, probably reptilian race. They lack eyes, and their awareness in the adventure is very short (although this is probably so that the adventure isn't too hard). They also have radial mouths that open four ways, clawed hands, tails with maces on them, and two-toed clawed feet.

History Edit

Nothing is mentioned of their history, though it is likely the C'Servoid race has always been a hostile race, long before the events TX-5000 Super Weapon. On one of their colony worlds, using slave labor from one of their many enslaved races, they began to build something known as TX-5000 Super Weapon, a massive robot with massive weapons of destruction. Unfortunately, one of their slaves was a spy who informed a Space Captain of the dangers this weapon would bring to the galaxy. Sneaking into the base, he deactivated the prisoners cells shields, and led the prisoners to the C'Servoid armory. Armed with weapons, the captain lead the slaves to the TX-5000 Super Weapon and destroyed it with lasers from the stolen weapons. With the TX-5000 Super Weapon destroyed, the C'Servoid no longer pose much of a threat to the rest of the universe.

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