• W/S or Up/Down arrow keys - Move forward/backward
  • A/D or Left/Right arrow keys - Turn left/right
  • Q/E - Move left/right
  • Right Click and Hold - Pan Camera

Cell Stage Edit

  • W/S/A/D or Arrow keys - Move Up/Down/Left/Right
  • Hold Right Mouse Button to Move Your Cell Around the Tidepool.

Creature Stage Edit

  • Right Click on a Place on the Screen to go there, or click on a place on the Minimap to go to that place.
  • Also right click on tools to use them.

Tribal Stage Edit

  • Click on Tribal Member or drag box over them,
  • Right Click and Hold to Toggle View.
  • Left Click on Place of Action (e.g. attacking an enemy's hut) With Tribe Member(s) selected
  • Right Click on Food of other tribe to give gifts if you are in socialization mode or raid if you are in attack mode.
  • Click on Minimap to go to that Location

Civilization Stage Edit

  • Right Click an Hold to Pan Camera
  • Right Click on Location with Mode Selected (social,attack) with vehicle selected.
  • Right Click on your city for City Planner, or click on other city for options.
  • Click on Minimap to go to that Location

Space Stage Edit

  • Right Click on Star System to Fly There
  • Right Click with Tool Selected to Use

Other Edit

  • P or ~ - Pause
  • Esc - Skip Playing/cut scene/Access Settings Menu
  • C - Take Screenshot
  • V - Toggle Movie Capture
  • H - Toggle Display of SPORE GUIDE
  • T - Toggle History
  • B - Toggle Sporepedia (in-game)
  • L - Open My Collections
  • Ctrl+S - Save

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