Can't Win For Losing
Can't Win For Losing
TaskDie at least once in every stage of the game

Tips and Tricks Edit

Your deaths can be spread across any number of games. It is easiest to die in hard mode, but can be done in any difficulty mode.

  • Cell stage: Run into the mouth of a predatory or epic cell or get attacked by a normal one constantly. You can get to the end of the stage and remove all of your weapons.
  • Tribal stage: Attack some other tribes until they start to attack, and kill your tribe members or siege your hut. When they all die or your hut burns down, you lose. Another way is to attack an epic and have it massacre your tribal members. You can also just let all the tribe members starve to death.
  • Civilization stage: Attack some other cities until they are at war with you, then wait. You can also insult a nation and destroy all of your vehicles, and wait.
  • Space stage: Attack an empire's home planet, or run into T0 hazards. Sit back and watch your ship explode. But if all of your cities on your homeworld are destroyed, a new one is automatically generated.

Trivia Edit

  • The picture for this achievement may be modeled after the US Army Purple Heart Award. Soldiers get this when injured or killed in combat, mostly by enemy or friendly fire.

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