Idealism and rhetoric can only go so far. The New Republic may be paradise, but even paradise has need for people willing to do what needs to be done to ensure our prosperity and rightful place in the Gigaquadrant.

- Cyrellon, confiding with a diplomatic attaché

Ansin Cyrellon is a male Libertus who served as the United Republic of Cyrannus ambassador to the Cyrandia Alliance during the Great Cyrannus War and much later, as the New Cyrannian Republic ambassador to the Lianna Initiative during the New Cyrandia Wars. Efficient, unscrupulous and cunning, Cyrellon nonetheless maintains a public persona as a warm and well-meaning individual, hiding his true motives for greater power to all but his close circle of followers allied in a near-sycophantic loyalty to the charismatic statesman. During the Dark Times, Cyrellon went into hiding, though re-emerged when the New Republic was formed and currently aims to restore his power in a New Cyrandia Alliance.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the highly populated Inner Rim world of Coravannis in 39 BNE, Cyrellon was forced to make his own way through life at an early age when both his mother and his father were killed in a speeder accident when he was a small child. Nevertheless, even before this life changing event, the young Cyrellon claimed that he had little in common with his parents and was thus relatively unfazed by their untimely departure. Thus, from a young age Cyrellon quickly learned about independence as well as the harsh realities of life in which the weak perish and the strong prosper. Even on the massive city-dominated world of Coravannis, Cyrellon longed for ever greater things which ultimately led him to the galactic capital of Orbispira, where he represented his homeworld as one of Coravannis' minor planetary legislators, eventually becoming Senator in 12 BNE.

As senator, Cyrellon quickly grew a powerful base in which the representatives of smaller and less important systems would be forced to vote in line with his desires rather than the needs of their worlds, though the Senator himself was discreet to the point where only a few became aware of this subversion of the democratic process. Nevertheless, he continued these methods for many years until he was finally appointed the Republic Ambassador to the Cyrandia Alliance in 05 BNE, affording him a high level of power within both Republic and Cyrandia circles.

New Republic DiplomatEdit

Upon the fall of the old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Cyrellon disappeared from the radar of Imperial officials, though some elements of Imperial Intelligence reported that the crafty diplomat returned to his homeworld of Coravannis before fleeing into the unknown, eventually settling on the neutral planet Coruaan, where he once again built up his political influence amongst the planet's government. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Cyrellon rejoiced in the return to a system of government he could easily mould to his desires and emerged as a powerful political figure in the Republic's halls of power. In 05 NE, Cyrellon was chosen as the Republic's ambassador to the newly formed Lianna Initiative, which he viewed as a key stepping stone toward a rebirth of the Cyrandia Alliance.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Cyrellon is an unscrupulous and power-hungry politician quite unlike the typical New Republic public representative, who tend to embody an enlightened ideal about how the representatives of a democratic civilisation should behave. In this regard, Cyrellon is quite atypical. Though he does share a sense of patriotic loyalty to the New Republic, Cyrellon is generally interested in furthering his own goals and if they work to the betterment of the Republic, so much the better. To the electorate however, Cyrellon pulls off a successful persona of a caring, diplomatic politician unafraid of standing up to powers such as the Galactic Empire in negotiations. As the official Republic representative to the Lianna Initiative, Cyrellon is keen on using his influence to reform the Initiative into a new Cyrandia Alliance, for no other reason than to ensure his own political ascendancy. Nevertheless, despite these negative characteristics, Cyrellon does possess redeemable qualities, including an unparalleled work-ethic and a genuine desire to see the New Republic succeed.



Blue faceI'm a powerful friend to have.

  • Apollo: Every Republic needs it idealists.
  • Ca'Lippe: He and I are cut from the same cloth, it seems.


Yellow faceImpress me. Failing that, make an impression.

  • Creckbo: A man of the people. How quaint.


Orange faceI have no patience for the idiotic, the asinine and the pretentious.

  • AnPthak: Your people joined the New Republic. Accept it.
  • Ramckel: He should return to Creck-Ornost and leave high politics to those who know what they're doing.


He's peculiar. Can't say I trust him, but I can't say I have a reason.

- Apollo

He's a Mortalitas in Dvottie's clothing.

- Sola Naberraé

Just as every government needs it's idealists to keep it's morality in check, so do they need their pragmatists willing to do what needs to be done in order to succeed.

- Zuki




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