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Defender of Democracy
Apollo Mini
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Biographical information
TitlesPresident of the United Republic of Cyrannus (07 BNE - 01 BNE)

President of the Republic Remnant (01 NE - 02 NE)
Proconsul of the New Republic (03 NE - 08 NE)
Senator of Capricaerón (10 BNE - 07 BNE, 08 NE - 15 NE)

President of the New Republic (15 NE - incumbant)
Born31 BNE
Height2.97 meters
FamilyFather - Willelmus Cretacea

Mother - Muleua Cretacea†
Wife - Gianne Inviá
Daughter - Kara Inviá

Son - Laoi Cretacea
AlignmentNeutral Good
AffiliationTwelveWorldsSeal United Worlds of Calithilaen

URC Flag United Republic of Cyrannus
URC Flag Republic Remnant
NewRepublic New Cyrannian Republic

PolicyYou'd be surprised about how many problems can be solved by talking instead of shooting.
WeaponsPresidential Pistols
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The Republic, its ideals and hopes, cannot be destroyed. Our light may flicker, but it will never be extinguished, and we will never give in to aggression. Together, we shall endure, together we shall resist the waves of darkness the Empire throws at our feet. And together we shall be triumphant! For we are the Republic, and we will never be defeated.

- Apollo, after the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm

Aedanius Cretacea, more commonly known as Apollo, is a male Libertus renowned across the Gigaquadrant, known for his tenure as the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, his endeavours to restore freedom to the Cyrannus Galaxy in opposition to the Empire, his role as the Proconsul of the early New Republic and his subsequent Presidency of the Republic during the Second Great Cyrannus War.

A native of Capricaerón in the Cyrannian Core, Apollo's early life was marked by tragedy when his mother was killed in a terrorist bombing when he was twelve. The event instilled in Apollo an ingrained morality which later informed much of his political career. His relationship with his father, Willelmus Cretacea, was strained in the aftermath of the bombing, but was rekindled when Apollo was forcibly drafted into military service during the Trucinex War.

Upon the end of the conflict, he ran for public office and was subsequently elected the Senator of the United Worlds of Calithilaen, a position which gave him a great deal of influence in the Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus. His ambition, however, reached beyond the Senate and at the age of twenty four, he was elected the President of the Republic. As President, he was instrumental in steering the Republic through many conflicts, such as the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War, as well as marking Cyrannus' place as a mighty Gigaquadrantic seat of power. However, the sights of higher powers worked against him, and he was eventually forced to flee when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed.

Leading the Republic Remnant during the Dark Times, Apollo refused to surrender to the Empire and despite a brief period of servitude under the Neraida Gigamatrix, he refused to give up hope in a brighter future. When the Empire pardoned him for his crimes in 03 NE, he organised a conference between all major powers of the Cyrandia Cluster, which ultimately resulted in the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic. Serving as the Proconsul of the Republic, Apollo pioneered the Mou'Cyran Accords to protect order within the Gigaquadrant, working tirelessly to grow and strengthen the New Republic. When President Apaltar's term ended, Apollo stood down as Proconsul and was elected as the Senator representing Capricaerón in the Republic's Galactic Senate, where he proved instrumental in the formation of the Aldárae Order.

In the wake of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the death of the vast majority of the Republic's government, Apollo was quickly sworn in as the third President of the New Republic. Tasked with the preservation of the crumbling Republic and overseeing the largest conflict in the history of the Cyrandia Cluster, his unexpected Presidency would prove to be the most consequential in Cyrannian history.

History Edit

A more complete overview leading up to 06 NE.

Early Life (31 BNE - 7 BNE)Edit

Aedanius Cretacea was born on the Libertus homeworld Capricaerón in 31 BNE to Willelmus Cretacea and Muleua Blané. As a child, Aedanius was quite interested in subjects ranging from politics, law and alien culture and was considered by his teachers to be an unusually intelligent and inquisitive student. Though his childhood was quite typical, a terrorist attack in his youth resulted in his mother's death and caused a strain between Aedanius and his father. This enmity was heightened by the outbreak of the Trucinex War, during which the young Libertus was conscripted into the military. Though he was not proficient in combat, Aedanius became quite a capable pilot.

After the war, Aedanius quickly departed the military, though both he and his father had reached an accord. A month after the war ended, Cretacea entered the Legislative Youth Program, where he participated in mock debates with other young people from across the galaxy for over a year. His sharp features, wit and political ambition led to his peers to refer to him as "Apollo", in reference to Apolloé Cyran'nus, the legendary first Praesator of the ancient Republic. Though it was initially in jest, the nickname stuck, with the young Libertus adopting it as his forename—though his family and close friends continued to refer to him as "Aedanius".

A year later, Apollo sought public office as a delegate representing his homeworld in the Galactic Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus, though to his surprise, a scandal involving Capricaerón's incumbent senator led to his appointment as Senator—one of the youngest in Republic history at 21. Over the next two years, Senator Apollo became one of the most popular representatives in the Republic Senate, in the process becoming a thorn in the side of many of the Republic's more conservative Senators. In 7 BNE, Apollo was persuaded to run for the office of President of the Republic and despite facing harsh opposition from the incumbent Fleur Inviere as well as the more militaristic Mion of Leonis, he was ultimately elected leader of the free galaxy.

Leader of the Free Galaxy (7 BNE - 01 BNE)Edit

It's not the amount of years that's important, it's what you've done with them.

- President Apollo, 06 BNE

Apollo addresses the Senate during the Second War of Black Fog.
11 Novemex, 03 BNE

The early months of Apollo's Presidency saw an increase in diplomatic warmth between the Republic and Rambo Nation, which ultimately led to the creation of the Cyrandia Alliance against the Cognatus Crusades of the Intergalactic War. Though the conflict was the darkest in living memory, Apollo surprised his detractors by becoming a bulwark against the Cognatus, charismatically rallying the citizenry against the sinister Cognatus hordes. The success of the Republic in the war ultimately allowed for Apollo's second term soon after the conflict ended.

Despite the impossible odds, Apollo surprised the galaxy with his remarkable leadership unusual in one so young. Eventually the war ended, and Apollo brought the Republic to the Gigaquadrantic stage, forming the Cyrandia Alliance and many other intergovernmental organisations as well as inaugurating several new alliances with states from across the universe, with the Republic becoming one of the Gigaquadrant's greatest hyperpowers, facing down threats from the Xhodocto, the Nanohorde, the Imperial Alliance and the Vartekians.

In the antebullum period between the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War to come, Apollo became smitten with his childhood love Gianne Inviá, with the relationship between the two becoming a subject of intense media coverage, despite the couple only admitting their relationship to the public two weeks before the wedding on Coruindia. Two months after the wedding, Gianne had become pregnant which resulted in the birth of Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá.

Great Cyrannus War

I am troubled. These are the last days of my term as President. I should be relieved to live out the rest of my days with my family in peace... but I fear something is on the horizon. Something dark.

- Apollo, speaking with Ramashe as the Great Cyrannus War draws to a close.

Despite his attempts to peacefully resolve the differences between the Republic and the quasi-secessionist Confederacy of Allied Systems, the President was ultimately unable to prevent the outbreak of a fully scale galactic war unlike any in the galaxy's history. Over the next three years, Apollo would lead the crumbling Republic through the greatest conflict in the galaxy's history, defending it from threats both within and without. Little did he know, his efforts to defend the galaxy from darkness were futile, with the enigmatic Tyrómairon plotting to ensure the death of the Republic and the rise of his new order.


Apollo confers with Ramashe as the Great Cyrannus War's end draws close.
29 Neochios, 01 BNE

During the war, Apollo was the target of many assassination attempts by dark forces commanded by both Tyrómairon and the Corruptus, unknowingly bringing him under the protection of the Oikoumene known as Chaneonix. Though the war would bring much grief to the President, it would also see the arrival of the mysterious entity known as Gorf to Apollo's family, as well as the formation of new friendships such as that with Voro Acetenus of the Cognatus Remnant.

The war reached its darkest point in 01 BNE when the New Basileus Empire blockaded the Perliama Run, causing supply issues to grip the Core Worlds. Apollo and the Senate were in crisis. Luckily a smuggler known as Ramtalia and a ragtag fleet of smuggling vessels lifted the blockade and when he returned to Orbispira, Apollo personally congratulated him. However, the blockade was a key event in Tyrómairon's plan, reducing support throughout the galaxy for the Republic and its institutions.

In the aftermath of the breaking of the blockade, Apollo began having premonitions that something devastating was about to happen. Sending a transmission to Ramashe, he confided in her that he felt a deep sense of forbodence as the last battles of the war were drawn up. Informing her about the discovery of the Conexivus Route which led to both Republic and Confederate homeworlds, Apollo later authorised the admiralty to retrieve the information essential to using the route by travelling to the Mid Rim world of Taracondor, where the battle to control the Conexivus Route was already being waged. This event would lead to the Battle of Orbispira and ultimately the fall of the United Republic as the dark shadow of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arose in its place.

Dissident and Founding Father (01 NE - 03 NE)Edit

Rebel Leader

Apollo was assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix in early 02 NE.
2 Martex, 02 NE

As long as we live, the Republic survives.

- Apollo to his followers three days after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Ianuaria 01 NE

The machiavellian manipulations of Tyrómairon throughout the war quietly undermined Apollo's leadership and faith in the Senate until finally the Dark Lord was finally ready to strike. Putting the plan into motion, Tyrómairon usurped control of the Republic and created a Galactic Empire of Cyrannus; a imperialist hyperpower determined to hunt down those who stood against them. Finding himself in transition from galactic leader to criminal overnight took its toll on Apollo as he and his supporters desperately attempted to flee the Imperial warmachine. Though he managed to avoid imprisonment on Orbispira, Apollo would gather a large fleet of loyal vessels to the Republic and began a voyage throughout Cyrannus to reach their allies in the Quadrant Galaxies, which had become known as the Republic in Exile.

Though he retained his largely honourific title of "President" of his band of rebels, Apollo was against the usage of the term "Republic in Exile" claiming to be the galaxy's rightful government, which he claimed would acknowledge the Empire as a legitimate state instead of treating it as an illegal perversion of the true Republic. Instead, the Republic would only be reformed if it had the capacity to truly challenge the Empire.

A year into the Empire's rule, Apollo was captured and assimilated into the nefarious Neraida Gigamatrix, which used him to unite their disparate factions into a single harmony. For much of 02 NE, Apollo would suffer under the Neraida's control before a team including Jerkon, Koluap, Voro Acetenus and the Adjunct rescued him and returned him to the remnant's fleet. Upon his return, Apollo was challenged by former terrorist Zare'Anne who managed to usurp control over the remnant from Apollo, only to result in the final annexation of the remnant by an Imperial fleet as the first month of 03 NE dawned.

Road to the New Republic

During an address on Concordia, Apollo officially proclaims the New Republic.
19 Novemex, 03 NE

Upon reaching Orbispira in Imperial custody, Apollo was surprised to learn from Potentate Tereyn Aeresius that the Emperor had decreed his release, thus allowing him freedom to roam the galaxy. Upon learning of the increase in Dominion of the Xhodocto activity, Apollo decided to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy to aid in the conflict to end the Dominion. In his absence however, his wife was assassinated by a bounty hunter hired by Zillum, prompting his return to Cyrannus to care for his children. Devastated by the loss of his love, Apollo travelled to Rambo Nation for a much needed period of contemplation and recovery.

Several months later, he emerged as a leading proponent of the restoration of the Republic alongside Apaltar, Raen Magalen and Mer Mirea, with Apollo working to secure alliances with civilisations such as the Andormaru and the Hutter Kingdom to gain their support for a Cyrandia Conference to discuss the peaceful rebirth of the Republic. Thus, in an address on Concordia on 19 Novemex, 03 NE, Apollo declared the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic for all the Gigaquadrant to see.

Proconsul of the New Republic (03 NE - 07 NE)Edit

Pre-Cyrandia Wars

Peace between the civilised states of the Gigaquadrant can only be sustained through understanding, for it is abundantly clear that it cannot be sustained through force of arms.

- Proconsul Apollo, Dekemurios 03 NE

As the New Cyrannian Republic rose thanks to his diplomatic efforts, Apollo was the favourite to become the first leader of the new superpower, symbolically showing the continuity between the Old Republic and the New. However, Apollo concurred with others that it was time for him to give the spotlight to a new leader; Count Apaltar of Apatalore, one of the allies Apollo found while searching for ways to create a Republic. Instead, Apollo was elected Proconsul by the newly convened Republic Senate, serving as the chief diplomat as well as Ambassador to Rambo Nation.


In his role as Proconsul, Apollo was chief diplomat of the Republic, as seen in his dealings here with Collective Diplomat Eviran during Project Exodus.
49 Dekemurios, 05 NE

Over the next year, the Republic would grow and strengthen as a symbol of unity and strength in defiance to the Empire's monopoly on galactic politics. Through the deft art of diplomacy, Apollo subtly worked to undermine Imperial interests by forging new ties with Rambo Nation as well as negotiating with leaders from planets in the neutral Coru Secundus Region of the galaxy to join the New Republic. To his dismay however, conservative elements within Rambo Nation still distrusted Cyrannians for their betrayal at the end of the Great War, providing Apollo with new challenges to ensuring peace in the Cyrandia Cluster.

New Cyrandia Wars

However, these efforts would be unable to prevent the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars at the end of 03 NE as well as other conflicts across the Outer Gigaquadrant. Blaming the fall of the Seven Starr Alliance as well as the universal cooperation which was strongly associated with it, Apollo was a key figure in the formation of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Pax Infinitus Armada to ensure the maintainance of some semblance of order. In doing so, the Republic's links with organisations such as the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment were strenghened.

However, he would also face troubles from the Cyrannian Syndicate and even the Corruptus, though the united forces of the Accords were able to overcome these threats, as well as an attack by the Bisistar Domain against the peaceful world Venetia. Several months later, Apollo's skills as a military tactician came to the fore when he helped organised both the Sacking of Rihanae and the Republic capture of Capricaerón in 05 NE.

As the Cyrandia Wars drew to a close, Apollo worked to alleviate tensions between the Republic's closest allies in the form of the Indoctrinate Collective and Rambo Nation by organising a meeting between Queen Maryah and Empress Ramashe. Though the meeting was attacked by pro-Empire bounty hunters, the Proconsul's efforts were largely successful. Several days prior to the end of the Wars, Apollo was contacted by Collective diplomat Eviran who informed him of Project Exodus, a vast astroengineering project undertaken to move all of the Collective's Milky Way colonies to the Borealis Galaxy. Impressed with the scale of the operation, Apollo agreed to send Republic support.

Beginning of the Cold War
Dane: "... Aedanius, I think it's saliva..."
Apollo: "Is there any way I can get up as quickly as possible without betraying my cool exterior?"
Dané Elenya and Apollo during their encounter with the mature Ryderallo Monster and the substance it secretes.

Ramashe kisses Apollo before departing for battle.
51 Ianuaria, 06 NE

After the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Apollo was reunited with childhood friend Dané Elenya, now a pre-eminent xenoarchaeologist during an unexpected journey throughout the Gigaquadrant with his friend Gorf, which included tense and thoroughly unpleasant encounters with people such as Zillum, Tyrant, Errr and even Emperor Tyrómairon. By the end of their time together, Apollo began to develop feelings for Dané, though ultimately felt that these feelings were a betrayal to the memory of his wife Gianne and attempted to put them to the back of his mind, with little success. To complicate matters, prior to the Battle of Ramar Shadda, during which Ramashe herself went into battle, Apollo made it clear to her that he cared for her deeply. As she departed for battle, she tenderly kissed the Proconsul on the snout.

Several months later, Apollo was deeply saddened by the news that one of his closest friends, Koluap of the Indoctrinate Collective had committed suicide. The Proconsul deeply regretted not being able to properly give Koluap the farewell he deserved and immediately travelled to the Borealis Galaxy, where he attended the funeral. While there, he spoke at length to Koluap's best friend Jerkon, who spoke of Koluap's kind words about Apollo soon before his death. As he departed back to Cyrannus, Apollo promised to keep the memory of Koluap alive in his heart. When Apollo learned that Apaltar would not seek re-election in the Election of 07 NE, he decided that it would be best to step down from his position as Proconsul of the Republic in order to spend more time with his friends and family.

Simultaneous to the Presidential Election, Apollo ran for his old seat as Senator of Capricaerón, hoping to represent his people in the restored Senate of the Republic. Receiving a popular vote of over ninety two percent, Apollo took his seat in the halls of Mou'Cyran later that month.

Senator of Capricaerón (07 NE - 15 NE)Edit

As Senator, Apollo gained a reputation for galactic centrism, in the tradition of Capricaerónian liberalism, on most issues in the Galactic Senate of the Republic, promoting reasoned courses of action particularly with relation to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Privately however, he became increasingly convinced that the Republic would not be able to coexist with the Empire in the long-run, particularly during meetings with refugees fleeing from Imperial persecution. Though he once considered coexistence to be in the galaxy's best interests, he came to increasingly view the Empire as a regime which must be destroyed for the good of the Gigaquadrant.

Senate Crisis
Crisis in the Senate

Nexarón Valkistair reacts to footage of Agrehele holding Apollo hostage.

Ramdard: "My friends, my friends, welcome! Late as always!"
Apollo: "Stylishly late, Senator."
Ramdard Ramthrace and Apollo prior to the crisis

In 08 NE, Apollo attended a light breakfast meeting hosted by Senator Ramdard Ramthrace of New Capricaerón in order to discuss a new bill that President Nexarón Valkistair sought to push through the Senate. During the meeting however, bounty hunters led by the terrorist Agrehele arrived, threatening to kill any who attempted to resist. To Apollo's horror, when Agrehele issued her demands to Nexarón Valkistair, she executed Senator Lat'co'in of Sulviaé to show her sincerity. Comforting Senator Derella, who had been Lat'co'in's lover, Apollo defiantly cursed Agrehele when she threatened the senators. Just as Agrehele was about to shoot him, Master Ryen suddenly appeared.

Tossing the bounty hunters through the wall, Ryen encouraged the senators to flee the Senatorial Complex before it was too late. Though many of them—including Apollo—were injured, they all managed to the escape the building just as it exploded. After the crisis had ended, Apollo thanked Ryen from the bottom of his heart for saving him and his colleagues, before quietly discussing Kara's progress on Aldár. In the aftermath of the event, Apollo, troubled by his helplessness during the hostage crisis, began physical and marksman training. Though he admitted that he was "pretty brutal" at first, he began to show progress as the weeks went on.


Apollo speaks with Nexarón Valkistair's hologram.

Return of the Exiles
Naelys: "Senator Apollo? You've been invited to Senator Nibirush's dinner reception on Deobandi. I told his staff that you'd consider it. Do you want me to decline immediately or next week?"
Apollo: "Next week. Don't want to be too predictable."
Naelys Valraenos and Apollo, 10 NE

Almost two years later, Apollo attended President Nexarón Valkistair's announcement ceremony in which he announced a new Senate committee would be formed to deal with the crisis posed by the Empire. Prior to the ceremony, Apollo and Dané Elenya were cornered by Republica News correspondents Tiaa Garyae and Yanhar Aayn'seca to discuss matters ranging from their rumoured romantic relationship to Apollo's fraught history with Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, who had ascended to the throne of Rambo Nation when Ramashe was gravely injured in an assassination attempt. During the subsequent Senate meeting, Apollo and his aide Naelys Valraenos watched in shock as the newly elected Senators Adelheidis and Zare'Anne re-entered Republic politics. Around this time, Apollo briefly dated Senator Amirtae Buroa of Achiliquin.

The Rising Light

Dané! Should we be picking out furniture or what?

- Apollo, upon being reunited with Doctor Elenya prior to their mission to Rihanae

Several weeks later, Apollo came into contact with his daughter Kara for the first time in quite a while, though was perturbed by her request for passage to Aecor. Travelling to the planet along with Rambarth and his son, Laoi, Apollo delighted in the chance to finally catch up with his kids, particularly in the aftermath of Ramashe's coma. Joining his children, Ryen and the young Ortella known as Aoirtae Valaeris, Apollo was shocked when the group was transported through space and time to Aldár—besieged by the Phaedric Order and Morgandaûr. Though the battle was fierce, Apollo used his blaster training to help incapacitate Morgandaûr, allowing Aoirtae to finally kill him.

Almost three years later, Apollo and Dané Elenya—who had joined Republic Strategic Intelligence were sent on an urgent mission by President Nexarón Valkistair to investigate rumours of Inquisition-involvement in the Rihanaen peace process and the rise of the Eastern Borderland Alliance. While there, they uncovered a plot by Vandalion, who managed to kill Senator Tanarr-Nuin before capturing Apollo's starship, the Consular. Fortunately for the senator, they were rescued by Kara, Aoirtae and the Nagith warrior Vanikaimar, who returned them to Aldár. There, Apollo pledged his support, and that of the Senate, to the formation of the Aldárae Order. He was later present on Aldár during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, which destroyed most of the Republic's government and sparked the Second Great Cyrannus War.

President of the New Republic (15 NE - ) Edit


Apollo takes the Oath of Office from Ryen in the aftermath of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm.

Opening Stages

As the President of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, I pledge to fight this tyranny. I pledge to fight your rule of atrocity and I pledge with every fibre of my honour, my life and my very being, that I will fight to bring about your destruction and the abolition of the Empire. To this end, we, the people of the New Republic, do hereby declare that, by the authority of the people of Cyrannus, we will make forever free all beings, in the name of liberty and in the memory of those we have lost.

- Apollo, during the Capricaerón Address

With the destruction of Mou'Cyran, Apollo and his fellow surviving senators responded to a Continuity of Government emergency transmission, mandating the swift election of a new President. As the senior senator and due to his previous tenure during the First Great War, Apollo was chosen and subsequently sworn in as President by Ryen. Swiftly, he coordinated with the Grand Republic Fleet to plan the destruction of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, before being forced to deal with High King Rambert Ramveral in the Quadrants, demanding him to withdraw a Rambo battlegroup preventing a Republic fleet from entering the Lianna Wormhole. Subsequently, he travelled to Capricaerón, where he rallied the Republic in a rousing speech before turning his attention to the war effort and rebuilding the Republic's shattered government.

Physical Appearance Edit

Dané: "Our relationship is strictly professional. Apollo is too scrawny for my tastes."
Apollo: "Gee thanks."
Dané Elenya responding to Tiaa Garyae's question about a relationship between the two

Apollo stands slightly shorter than the average male Libertus at just below three metres in height. Though he is not particularly muscular, he is firm and lean, keeping in shape due to the public nature of his job. Apollo possesses a youthful attractiveness that appeals to many races while also causing some to dismiss his political career as being founded on the electorate favouring him based on his appearance over his policies. Atypical of a politician, Apollo is considered to be very stylish and is often seen wearing formal, clean-cut and polished outfits and suits that are almost always in line with the current fashions, owing to the common perception of the former President as being a dapper individual who always takes care of his appearance.

Wardrobe Edit

Casual Suit
Apollo (4)
This suit is made from Dvottie feathers and is considered to be stylish, formal yet comfortable. The suit is mostly cream with wine-coloured details along the shoulder pads and torso-wear, while Apollo wears the outfit with ring-shaped jewelry just below his knee, a common style on his homeworld of Capricaerón. Apollo has favoured this particular style since the beginning of 03 NE and has been known to wear an all-black variation while in mourning for his deceased wife, Gianne Inviá.
Formal Suit: Dark Times and Cyrandia Wars
Apollo formal
This is Apollo's official garb as Proconsul of the New Cyrannian Republic, though he has used it in the past when he was gathering potential allies, such as the Hutter Kingdom and the Andormaru. The suit is made from a similar material as his casual suit, though is considered more formal, with a long tunic and shoulder pads which extend outward from the shoulder. Apollo enjoys wearing this suit to official state-dinners or while meeting important figures. The suit was designed by tailors on the Rambo Capital and has many Quadrantia influences.
Cold Weather Gear
Apollo Cold
Apollo's cold weather gear is rarely used as he rarely finds himself an icy planets. Nevertheless, Apollo has used this gear since the Intergalactic War, when he signed a peace treaty with the Vartekian Empire on an uninhabited ice planet. Since then, he has used it occasionally such as when the Republic Remnant located a world that was once dominated by the Nagith Empire. The gear is made from special insulating material, which keeps him warm even in the most inhospitable climates.
Apollo (Cold)
Warm Weather Gear
Apollo Warm
Apollo's warm weather gear consists of shorts, sunglasses, a single shoulder pad and a backpack containing just about anything needed if he should ever become trapped in an inhospitable hot climate, from a H20 replicator and an pistol. The gear doubles as casual wear whenever Apollo visits the beaches on the Rambo Capital with his children and Ramashe. Leaving him bare-chested, the gear is popular with Apollo's many admirers. If you know what I mean.
Quadrantia Suit
Apollo (QTailor)
A Quadrantia design often worn by Apollo while meeting representatives from the Quadrant Galaxies, this stylish suit was made by Rambo tailors favoured by Apollo since he began residing in the Royal Palace on the Rambo Capital, with Ramashe having a hand in deciding the particular details of the suit, highlighting the growing relationship between the two. The outfit is topped with a large hat with a Dvottie feather attached.

Personality and Traits Edit

Persona Edit

You are not merely a man, you are a symbol—a symbol of hope, of defiance. You are the New Republic. It wouldn't exist without you and I can't think of anyone more uniquely suited to lead it to victory.

- Senator Ramdard Ramthrace

A man of deep integrity and with boundless faith in democracy and the principles of the Cyrannian Republic, Apollo is an inherently decent Libertus, though one with a diverse personality. At once charismatic and aloof, calculating and personable, idealistic though unwavering, ambitious though unassuming—many have attempted to decode his personality, to better understand such a notable figure in Gigaquadrantic events. However, he is personally defined by those closest to him by his fierce intellect and a sharp tongue capable of dispensing a witticism for any occasion.


Apollo was close friends with Empress Ramashe of the Rambo Nation.

Often regarded as witty and personable, Apollo is famed for his dry sense of humour which has endeared him to the Cyrannian public for the past two decades. In public, this often manifests as a cleverly crafted remark or joke, while in private, his humour can be sarcastic and snarky, though rarely caustic. His humour is a source of personal strength during times of stress, often used to mask his fear when faced with powerful beings such as Mar-Júun. Proficient at impersonations, particularly Libertusi accents of the Core, Inner and Mid Rims, he is known to slip into entirely different accents during a single informal conversation with close friends, from folksy to haughty at a moment's notice. Indeed, his humour can be surreal at times and cerebral at others. Still considered youthful as he enters his fifth decade, Apollo is still considered youthful as a long-lived Libertus, continuing to appeal to others with his attractiveness, intelligence and charm, atypical of a politician. Indeed, despite living through what is unquestionably the most stressful twenty years in galactic history, Apollo remains a contemplative and thoughtful individual, with little time for the formalities of a serious statesman.

Regarded as a "dork" by his daughter, Kara Inviá, Apollo's knowledge is encyclopedic and he often delights in sharing obscure information with his family members, or with his equally disinterested political staff. In particular, he is fascinated by the study of prehistoric life, particularly on the Twelve Worlds, the astrography of the Cyrannus Galaxy, modern galactic history and politics and the enigmatic past of the Oikoumene and the Nagith Empire. Indeed, one of his favourite stories to share to those willing to listen is his adventures on a Nagith world discovered by the Republic Remnant during the Dark Times. While he enjoys the company of his close friends, he also values solitude, with his idea of an ideal night being reading a good book before bed. Kind-hearted and gentle, he has a special affinity for animals, particularly Dvotties, with Apollo being very fond of his pet, Tigarlu, who has been with him since prior to the Great War. His unique friendship with the enigmatic Gorf is also notable, with one of his favourite hobbies being regaling Gorf with random trivia, oblivious to the fact he doesn't tend to listen.

During his childhood, Aedanius grew up in a typical Libertus family on Capricaerón, his father a naval officer and his mother, an engineer. However, despite his family's best intentions, the young Apollo felt socially isolated throughout his early life, which intensified upon his mother's unfortunate death during a terrorist attack, and his conscription into the military at the age of twenty. Despite his lack of proficiency with his claws or when wielding a weapon, his intellect, bravery and compassion served him well. Nevertheless, when the policy of conscription was repealed, he pursued his interest in galactic politics in higher education.

Though service in the military during wartime often matures a person prematurely, Apollo did not lose his naivety, his optimism and his inherently youthful viewpoint of the galaxy, a reality behind his decision to try his hand in politics—a pursuit in which he found his calling. Though he never stopped being an introvert, his political aptitude, aided by his natural charm, charisma and good-looks, served him well in his subsequent runs for public office—first senator, and later President.


Apollo is not a fighter; nor does he ever want to be. However, he is willing to protect both himself and those he loves with force.

When he became President of the newly formed United Republic of Cyrannus, Apollo became increasingly cynical in his outlook, particularly when the Great Cyrannus War broke out, leading to the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. However, he remained lively, idealistic and good-humoured, though his relative youth led some in the Senate and military to deride him as a "school boy in a nice suit", controlled by the greedy senators and special interests that held the true power. Indeed, as a champion of both Capricaerón progressive liberalism and Orbispiran galactic federalism, his Presidency was somewhat unpopular with the less developed Outer Rim as well on worlds which favoured a weak galactic government. During the war, however, his approval ratings remained sky-high, while the military's confidence in his role as Commander-in-Chief never faltered—indicative of his surprising capacity for strategy, which served him well later in life as a rebel leader and as the wartime President of the New Republic.

Despite his role as a resolute and uncompromising wartime President of both the United Republic of Cyrannus and the New Republic, Apollo has often been regarded as a wide-eyed idealist, perhaps most notably in his role as the architect of the Mou'Cyran Accords, which despite the idealistic undertones of Gigaquadrantic peace, became a powerful and unifying bloc on the level of the Seven Starr Alliance. Nevertheless, such criticisms are hardly baseless. Indeed, prior to the death of his wife, Apollo was known to insist that no-one, with the obvious exception of demonic entities, is inherently evil, though upon his beloved Gianne's assassination, he abandoned such a conviction.

An intensely loyal man, Apollo takes betrayal very seriously, as well as threats made against those he loves. As such, he can let his feelings cloud his judgement and during times of grief, he can be unreserved and ruthless in his retribution. Since the death of his wife, Gianne Inviá, Apollo has long-harboured a deep sense of guilt, believing that due to his public profile, he was responsible for her death. Further, fifteen years after the end of the Great War, he admitted to his daughter that he felt that his Presidency and subsequent exile robbed his children of a proper childhood. In the years since, Apollo has become incredibly close with Doctor Dané Elenya, becoming overprotective of her as a result of not only his undeclared love, but because of his fear that those closest to him often suffer. Prior to Gianne's death, Apollo was known to balk at the idea of killing, being quite squeamish in general around death. Nevertheless, partly as a result of the frequency of assassination attempts, he has some experience in defending himself, armed with a Presidential tranquilliser pistol that he keeps on his person. He once admitted to Dané Elenya that he would personally kill whoever was responsible for Gianne's death, though Elenya expressed scepticism that he could ever bring himself to do it.

Abilities Edit

Weak. But underestimating him has led to my defeat at numerous occasions. His power lies in his voice and mind, not in his fists.

- Zillum

Unlike most politicians, Aedanius Cretacea boasts a genius-level intellect above the average intelligence of a Libertus. This intellectual proficiency allows Apollo to quickly absorb and store information including the names of thousands of Cyrannian planets, historical figures and indeed people he has met during his terms as both President of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Proconsul of the New Cyrannian Republic. Unfortunately however, this does not equate with martial prowess; though Apollo is capable of defending himself and possesses an unlikely amount of bravery, he is not particularly adept at combat, though he often contends that he has no interest to be. However, his father claims that if he put in an effort, he would be quite capable.



Apollo, in his office as President of the New Republic. He keeps mementos from happier days, such as a portrait of Ramashe and a holoimage with his late wife Gianne Inviá.

I want to assign you as the Senate's mediator to the Eastern Borderland Alliance. You've faced more in a year than the rest of the Senate has in their collective lifespans. You're the person I want for this task, Apollo.

- President Nexarón Valkistair, 14 NE

Though Apollo espoused non-partisanship during much of his political career, as a senator in the New Republic's Galactic Senate, he reluctantly became a member in the Federalist movement due to his misgivings about the potential direction of the Republic under the Federalist's larger rivals, the Centrists and the Reformists. Some of his critics in the Senate, such as far-left Reformist senators, claim that Apollo was a war hawk during his Presidency of the United Republic of Cyrannus, while Centrists often claim that his efforts to establish the Mou'Cyran Accords and the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance reflected an overly idealistic "Apollian" ideology, largely ignorant of the realities of the astropolitical map of the Gigaquadrant.

As a politician in the New Republic Senate, Apollo generally attempts to maintain good relations with moderates from both the Centrists and the Reformists, though has been known to verbally spar with more extremist elements of all three parties should he disagree with their policies. Though the founders of the Reformists believed that Apollo would be a natural member of their party due to his campaigns for peace during the early years of the New Republic—similar to how Centrists believed he would side with them due to his war leadership during the Great Cyrannus War—Apollo's belief in a strong federal galactic government prompted him to join the Federalists as one of the more influential members of their party.

Alternate Timelines Edit

Mirror Universe: Emperor Aedanius II
In the alternate timeline known as the Mirror Universe, Apollo is known as Aedanius I, sovereign emperor of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, a vast, sinister organisation that has conquered much of the known universe, making Aedanius the most powerful man in the vast intergalactic hegemony. Unlike his counterpart in the prime universe, Aedanius I is unforgiving, cruel and cold, seeking to envelop the entire universe under his dark claws.
Emperor Aedanius II
Alternate Universe: Rebel Leader Apollo
In one alternate timeline, the alternate DCP known as the Coalition of Delpha invaded and conquered Cyrannus circa 16 BNE. Apollo served as a slave on Warlord Kilnok's flagship alongside Ramashe, until the Salsetthe set them free. Apollo, Ramashe, Tazch'xatri (Salsetthe), Floon (Cephalodian), John Trebber (Human) and the Emperor of the Girdo Empire established the Girdo Resistance which aims to free themselves of the tyranny of the Coalition of Delpha. When the Xhodocto scourge hit the universe, the Girdo Galaxy phased out of existence trapping the Resistance and the Coalition into the same small galaxy. Fleeing the Annihilation, this Apollo and the other Resistance leaders fled into the Tuuros Galaxy of the Onuris Universe, where they remain—ignorant of the existence of his counterpart.
Apollo (Alternate)
  • In a future timeline, one of Apollo's descendents, Aquillius Cretacea, serves in the Navy of the Cyrandian Republic circa 1250 NE in the aftermath of an invasion by the sinister Xeranbha that left much of the Gigaquadrant in ruin. Though Apollo is no longer around by 1250 NE, his deeds in the distant past are well regarded by those he left behind and he is honoured in a number of ways, such as a new starship class dubbed the "Apollo"-class.

  • In an alternate reality in which the United Republic of Cyrannus survived intact after the Great Cyrannus War, Apollo's presidency ended, giving way to the presidency of Guolivian. Apollo eventually decided to live out his life out of the public eye on Capricaerón content that he helped make the galaxy a better place for future generations.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Friends Edit

Green faceFriends are the family we choose for ourselves. Or the ones that save you from rampaging demons or orbital bombardments.

  • Apaltar - He was a great President.
  • Adjunct - Yeah, he follows us around now.
  • Carillion - A shame we've lost contact.
  • Rambo Founder - I wish I had a bearded mentor like Ramashe does. He's a pretty snazzy guy.
  • Dané Elenya - ... Hi.
  • Voro Acetenus - Who knew that he could be such a great hugger?
  • Koluap - I'll never forget you, old friend.
  • Jerkon - I'm sorry for your loss.
  • Ramdard Ramthrace - One of my closest allies in the Senate.
  • Athan Apostila - He's one of my best buddies.
  • Firenhir Vemeryn - We work really well together, people should really give him a chance.
  • Naelys Valraenos - I'd be lost without you in the Senate!
  • Amirtae Buroa - I enjoyed our time together, though it's best that we remain friends.
  • Riko Cadan - You're a valued friend, Riko. And a braver man than I. How you manage to remain sane after dealing with the press is a mystery.

Liked Edit

Blue faceIf you surround yourself with good people, they can only raise you up.

  • Emperor Wormulus II - We may share a great deal of differences, but both he and his empire have saved the universe time and time again with no expectation of gratitude. I will not forget that.
  • Kithworto - He's scary in a good way. If that's possible.
  • Tyraz - I've enjoyed the conversations we occasionally have.
  • Clericarch Iovera - A benevolent and wise leader for the Radeon and their kin. Under her leadership, they have survived and thrived.
  • Senator Chuinaylia - She's pretty adorkable.
  • Ryen - Take care of Kara.
  • Aidan Collins - A great diplomat and a good example for his race to follow.
  • Aoirtae Valaeris - You will go far, Aoirtae. Very, very far.
  • Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo - Perhaps I shouldn't have been too quick to judge. He's a good man.
  • Du'utahrovin - Jeez, I was not expecting to see a dragon.

Acquaintances Edit

Yellow faceI don't know a lot about them.

  • Tereyn Aeresius - I'm not sure what to make of him.
  • Hachiman - I don't often find people annoying, but...
  • Riordan Rambertan - I have only had fleeting encounters with him.
  • Aporyan - I worked well with him at the signing of the Confederate peace treaty.
  • Gaius Prentus - He's not the friendliest, is he?
  • Cassynder - I hope we can mend relations between our two powers.
  • Thaur Vicliquam - I wish him well.
  • Anciaddwia - She seemed like a friendly lady when we met during the War.
  • Aev Tempaere - Organisations such as the one he leads need more oversight.
  • Cyrellon - A consummate politician. Can't say I'd vote for him though.
  • Nexarón Valkistair - A bit too hawkish for my tastes.

Disliked Edit

Orange faceI don't hate you. I just don't like that you exist.

  • Zare'Anne - A nauseating windbag.
  • Guolivian - I wasn't a fan of the whole "brand Apollo as a traitor and replace the Republic with the Empire" thing.
  • Nenabie - I once thought that he was an honourable man. Clearly I was wrong.
  • Tiaa Garyae - Tiaa Garyae? A journalist... not a stalker? Really?
  • Rambert Ramveral - Oh Ramashe, if only you could see what the Nation has come to.

Enemies Edit

Red faceIf people must judge me, it should be by the enemies I make.

  • Zillum - Fantastic, a crazed rebel with a personal vendetta against me.
  • Mar-Júun - Ugh, demons.
  • Tyrómairon - The greatest tyrant of our time. Perhaps of all time. He must be stopped.
  • Venatorius - Next time, I'm sure Aoirtae will kick your bottom.
  • Meketanor - Stay. Away. From. My. Daughter.
  • Morgandaûr - This time, be a treasure and stay dead.

Quotes Edit

You impress me, Libertus. A rare distinction in these times.

- Tyrómairon

President Aedanius Cretacea is an institution of the Cyrannus Galaxy and a true role model for people across the Gigaquadrant that even those from the most humble of backgrounds can change the galaxy.

- Apaltar

He is weak in both body and leadership. If his rule was so legendary, then why did it collapse into the Empire? The next time we meet, the people of Cyrannus will see the true face of their beloved son; the face of a coward and a child given powers to cater for the corrupt.

- Zillum

He's pretty cool. For a dad.

- Kara Inviá

When I see pictures of Apollo, I feel something below the neck. I think I have feelings for him. Erotic, non-murdering feelings.

- Erissare

I think Apollo's a cool guy. He leads empires and isn't afraid of anything.

- Koluap

I can do nothing but admire this man greatly and see him as a role model for myself. I could never get anywhere near his might.

- Milinitt

I will enjoy the day maggots feast off his corpse!

- Mar-Júun

I remember speaking with him. He was a very interesting person indeed. Charismatic for sure.

- Tuolog

so is he one of dose "diplomat" fingies i heer bout? I THOUGHT DEY WERE A MYTH MAN

- Fre'kloar

I seen tastier, eh?

- Billig Oltauris

The democratic process cast you out, dear president. As decent as a man you are, this universe is controlled by wolves.

- Mandator Geleriva Delsacrian

You shall go far Libertus, and be immortalised in legend. Make this life count.

- Sarec

The great diplomat, beloved father and dear friend! Secretly I have a crush on him!

- Ramashe of Rambo Nation

Pathatic! All he is good for is his skin as it could be used to make some boots!

- Morgandaûr

If only humanity had a leader like him.

- Aidan Collins

You stand for the government of the ignorant, by the ignorant and for the ignorant.

- Taev Voseatiur

An inspiration. Proof that not all politicians have their heads stuffed up their own bottoms.

- Aeralon Temer

He and I have evolved from foe to friend. The galaxy is all the better for his leadership.

- Voro Acetenus

Gorf not sure why he chose you of all people... but Gorf has no regrets.

- Gorf

Triva Edit

In-Universe Edit

  • Though generally accepting of the differences between civilisations, Apollo dislikes caste systems and even hereditary systems in which people are given absolute power based on parentage rather than merits. Though he still remains friendly with rulers who have proven themselves despite being born into power.
  • Though often seen as an idealist, Apollo has been known to be cynical when dealing with people who have betrayed him in the past.
  • He is a romantic, with Gianne Inviá being his first love, a fact which made her death all the more difficult for Apollo.
  • He enjoys informal state visits more than formal ones, viewing the pomp and ceremony that many Cyrannians love as being pretentious.
  • Apollo considers his most embarrassing moment to have been an incident in which he tripped and fell on top of an ancient Trucinex tapestry, almost ripping it beyond repair. Luckily, his way with words managed to prevent the outbreak of a new war.
    • He claims that a close second occurred when attempting to impress Gianna Invia by leaning against what appeared to be a wall in an attempt to look cool. However, his attempt failed when the "wall" turned out to be a particularly heavy-set female D'annaoi.
  • His personal hero is Chancellor Tythoran of the Cyrannian Federation.

Appearances Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Nearly had a heart attack, you cannae kill Apollo, dat just wrong.

- Xho, reacting to Apollo's whereabouts during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm

  • The Heart of the Sun, composed by Bear McCreary for Battlestar Galactica represents Apollo.
  • Apollo is Cyrannian's overall protagonist.
  • In the Mirror Universe, Apollo is known as Emperor Aedanius I, the sinister leader of the Gigaquadrant.
  • The "Wardrobe" and "Alternate Reality" sections were coded by Technobliterator.
  • Introduced in early 2009, Apollo is one of the longest running and well-known characters in the Fiction Universe.

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