Ka'zun Etero-omiz Härza
Role Mercenary
Birthplace Kjomo
Empire Dagorian Mercenarium
Age (412 KRE) 31
Race Dagorian
Family Unknown
Weaponry Her personal heat gun, a destroyer, an adamantium dagger
Height 2.50m
Weight 91 Kg

Ka'zun Härza, also known as The Vile and Mean Mercenary Girl, is a Dagorian mercenary working for herself and Tnogedo 78 as a worker for Tekzo Corp. Most of the time, she works alone, however, when her empire asks her for help, she will help out her emperor, and when she gets paid by a certain organization, she will serve the organization's commands.

Ka'zun can be a cruel and a nice woman, having 2 personalities for the sake of confusing her foes. She uses each one with wisdom for each case that might spring up. Ka'zun is also an assassin, having been trained to silence her foes as quickly as possible, since she was 4.

Ka'zun only sympatizes with who pays her the most. Should she get more money from her enemies, she will turn to the enemy's side. She has a cloning pact with her brother's cloning company, meaning that she always gets cloned after she dies.

Biography Edit

Ka'zun was born in a fairly rich home, being the daughter of a company owner and a Explosives factory worker. When she became 4, her father took her to an assassin school, for her to train for the future. At first she was a rebel, sometimes fleeing class, but when an older male threatened her life, only being saved by the Dagorian Police, Ka'zun began training hard, and she became a master at age 10.

Ka'zun then decided to train to be a Marcenary. She went through 4 hard years of training, learning how to use her weapons and equipment, but after her training, she decided to also train her "Lakmüna" skill, which involves her developing 2 personalities, a kind one and a hateful one, and she learned also to manage them wisely. Ka'zun joined the Tekzo Corp at age 15, becoming a mercenary at the service of Tnogedo 78.

Ka'zun then bought her own ship, and started taking orders from around the Dagorian Mercenarium, riding on her ship, the Morrighan. (Dagorian: Moragavan) When she entered the Main Universe in 942 TE, she began advertising herself to many empires until she was hired by the Khaxvis in 945 TE. As a Khaxvis mercenary, she has shown great skill in assassination, having slain an Ultanos nember and sneaked into a restricted area with her friends.

Even though she suspected that the Khaxvis did not like her and her deeds at all, Ka'zun kept serving as part of her paid pact. However, in 412 KRE, she would suffer critical injuries when Volkarus's ship was attacked and Volkarus has died. Ka'zun was eventually rescued by a Dagorian rescue ship, alongside Tnego, her friend on the ship. Riki'Kun had died trying to defend the Khaxvis.

After a month in intense care, Ka'zun returned to her birthworld, angry that her service was terminated. Now she looks for more services alongside her new mate, Tnego.

Data Edit

Personality Edit

Being trained in the Lakmüna skill, Ka'zun has 2 personalities she can use at her own will.

Kind Personality
She uses this personality when she is talking to a potential customer, or when the mission involves diplomacy or good manners. Ka'zun in this personality talks a lot, smiles a lot and gives presents often, but she never gives money.
Mean Personality
She uses this personality when she needs to fight or when she wants to relieve herself, or when the job involves fighting and brute force. Ka'zun in this personality talks negatively, screams a lot, and often attacks people.

Her true personality is a mix between both personalities, and she often uses this personality out of action.

Appearance Edit

Ka'zun is a young Dagorian woman with long hair and many features around her body. She wears a Dagorian cape, and wears her usual costume. She often changes costumes on spy missions. Ka'zun also likes to wear her master belt.

Equipment Edit

Heat ray
She uses it to kill people in 1 shot. This is for assassination.
The Destroyer
She uses it in fights against lots of people or against a large beast, like an Epic.
Adamantium Dagger
Used when Ka'zun feels like torturing or interrogating.

Friends and Enemies Edit

Tnogedo 78 - "The emperor's duty comes first above all."
Tnego - "Together we stand in battle."
Ridi'Kun - "It's... sad..."
Volkarus - "Easily the best I ever had..."
Uriel - "You need assassination. ASAP."
Tyraz - "You killed my master! How dare you get me unemployed?!"

Self Quotes Edit

What a lost universe...
What a wreck.
Want a favor, if not, get lost.
Any events going on?
This is very cool.
I enjoyed having you on your side.
Get out, or face my wrath.
You are a fool, an insolent frakking fool!
Destruction for the glory of Dagorian Credits!

Quotes Edit

What does your empire think of Ka'zun?

That's a female? *Vomits*

- Random Kicath
Irskaad's Fiction
Nice to have you around here to one of the most diverse Galaxies in the Universe.
At last, everything is back to normal...
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