To allow any children of Spode to continue to wander about without companionship would be a grave affront to Spode's will. For as we all come from Spode, the one creator, it is when we stand as one that we make ourselves into the image of Spode! Customs and rituals may continue to differ, but we must recognize that, in the end, no matter what labels divide us in the mortal world, we are all carved from the same Heaven!

- Kazari Selfar

Kazari Selfar (formally referred to as Her Eminence Cleriarca Kazari Selfar of Convocata Vavinavin and popularly referred to among Pazumiri as Mila Kazari) is the Cleriarca of the Vavinavin Convocata in the Grand Spodist Church, and one of the central figures in the founding of the pan-Spodist Uniate League. Selfar has long been an outspoken advocate of increasing Spodist solidarity not only within the Bunsen Galaxy, but in the greater First Gigaquadrant as well. While the Grand Spodist Church already strives for dialogue and potential unification with other Spodist factions by means of Idenza Sepodia ideology, Selfar's vision goes further in establishing a Spodist political and economic bloc that would increase the tangible influence of both the GSC and Spodism in general in the Gigaquadrant.

Born in 1604 SY on Vavinavin, a major Yoshrini commercial and industrial world, Selfar was born in one of the first generations of Yoshrini completely integrated into the GSC political structure (though the Yoshrini had already become a GSC satellite long before the official Yoshrini integration in 1595 SY). As a result, Selfar grew up heavily influenced by the Idenza Sepodia ideology of the Pazu'Mir Church. The beginning of the Intergalactic Expeditions in 1664 SY brought hopes of an expansion of Pazumiri influence beyond Bunsen, but the failure of the Church to capitalize on the explorations greatly disappointed Selfar, who had come to believe that this cautiousness to reach out had cost the Spodist faith as a whole.

Selfar became a popular figure within the Church during the First Bunsen War, where Yoshrini worlds such as Vavinavin were among the first to be hit by the Bunsen Grox invasion. As Storgarca of the Vavinavin City Storga and, later, the Gardarca of Vavinavin Gara, Selfar helped coordinate humanitarian efforts by local clergy on Vavinavin and neighboring worlds, and gave vital support to the Yoshrini resistance, despite threat of reprisal from the Bunsen Grox occupiers. Surviving to the liberation of Vavinavin without being apprehended by the Bunsen Grox, Selfar was hailed as a local hero and eventually won the position of Cleriarca of the Vavinavin Convocata after the previous Cleriarca retired in 1809 SY. With newfound influence as a Cleriarca, Selfar continued her efforts to assemble a more powerful Spodist political bloc, participating in missionary efforts to faraway regions such as Noregada, and eventually coming into contact with Phaunar Tansimael, with whom she would establish the Uniate League.




Close FriendsEdit

Green faceI do not throw around the term 'friend' around lightly. Thank you for being a friend.

  • Phaunar Tansimael - Together, we shall revolutionize what it truly means to be Spodist!


Blue faceThey are doing the work of Spode. May they continue to do so.

  • Iovera IX - The leader of one of our most powerful cousins is someone worth becoming acquainted with. I hope she will continue to support the League; even with Phaunar's influence, we cannot stand united with the Radeon if she will oppose us.


Yellow faceDo you walk the path of Heaven or Oblivion? I will watch closely.

  • Mikos Saladot - I admire him for his state-building skills; the Bunsen Grox have come a long way from the evil, blasphemous Empire. But I only fear that he has not made a permanent change in their nature.


Orange faceI do not dislike people per se. They just make themselves unlikable to a person such as myself.

  • Iliana Serrada - I respect and honor her service in the Great War. But her involvement in petty political infighting during the war did little to endear her to me.

Quotes from OthersEdit



  • When asked what career path she might have taken if she had not joined the clergy, Selfar said that she would have become an actress because she idolized the popular Vulpar actress Renza Kizuneh as a young child. Selfar did study theatre on the side in university, though by then it had taken a backseat to her theological studies in order to become qualified for leadership positions in the Pazumiri clergy.


  • None so far


  • Some of Kazari Selfar's backstory and ideology takes some inspiration from Pope John Paul II and Polish Catholics during the Nazi occupation of Poland.
  • Selfar is currently the youngest major GSC character, and belongs to the youngest cohort of Bunsen Galaxy characters, along with Alexa Tzena and Ariana Draccard.


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