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Biographical information
TitlesLord of Shadows, Chaosmaster, Legendary User, Draguros, Kamik'Shi
RoleMentor for the Chaos Path, Adminus
AlignmentChaotic Evil
AffiliationUser Community
Policy"Is there something you should be bowing before me?"
WeaponsPure existence is a threat
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Xhodocto3546 is one of the most prominent but most evil users in the Universe, who introduced the laws of darkness and the theory of Demonology and Chaos. Xhodocto3546 is watched carefully and his actions are taken into account. However, when he is not performing his actions, he is near impossible to locate. He resides in the Dementia Sphaera.

Biography Edit

It is not possible to determine where Xhodocto3546 came from, but it is certain that he arrived before most life came into existence. He at first found himself in a position whether to bring life to this universe, or bring about those who would destroy it; he chose the latter of the two. Xhodocto3546 therefore created his own body. It is thought that he possesses many bodies, one in the picture above, and some believe that the acts through his own creation as their master. In that sense, Xhodocto3546 can be referred to as Draguros or Kamik'Shi. His creation acts as his thought and mind, as well as having thought of their own.

Appearance Edit

Xhodocto3546, being a user is impossible to defeat in any form of battle. His powers have wasted entire battlefields, entire armies vanishing in seconds. His body happens to change form to better suit his current ability, one body is slender, purple and tails extrude from his shoulders. The other body represents what other users should fear about Xhodocto3546, a massive, hulking demonic body, also known as Draguros.

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