Captain Amazing is a Maxis-made captain, present in the Spore Galactic Adventures. He's an character met in the Adventure Town Adventure, who the player must talk to to complete a goal. He is seen in other adventures including a Maxis-made adventure called "Welcome to Dancetopia".

Dialog Edit

Goal Text (Adventure Town) Edit

  1. Behond! What do my eyes perceive? It is a new Captain in my midst! (Happy Emotion)
  2. Greetings, Plebian! Welcome to the International Order of Galactic Captains! (Neutral Emotion)
  3. I am Captain Amazing! You may have read about me in your history books at school! (Neutral Emotion)
  4. No? No Matter... Work hard, complete your missions, rise in rank and one day... (Neutral Emotion)
  5. You may become as snazzy a dresser as I am! Just enter the Captain Outfitter anytime to change your gear. Good luck, Rookie! (Neutral Emotion)

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