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Captain Outfitter
GameSpore Galactic Adventures
First stageSpace Stage

The Captain Outfitter is included in Spore Galactic Adventures and allows you to equip your Captain with new parts such as swords, lasers, pulses, and hypnotism rays. It also adds 32 new abilities unlocked by the new parts, such as Royal Charm, Summon Swarm, Plasma Pulse and a Jetpack.

There are diplomatic abilities such as Bard tools, and weapons such as Warrior tools. You unlock new weapons and abilities by advancing a rank. Advancing one rank gives you the ability to choose one accessory from one of the ten different classes. You must unlock the first item in a class to unlock the second item, the second to unlock the third, and so on and so forth.

Every Archetype, except Knight and Wanderer, has its own row of equipment. When you unlock all the parts in an Archetype row you go in that Archetype's superpower. e.g. you get Raider Rally after unlocking all the Warrior parts, even if you are for example a Trader. This is especially handy if you happen to be a Zealot or Scientist, whose superpowers are impractical.

Tools Edit

If the player wants a captain that can inflict a lot of damage or socialize very quickly, Warrior and Bard parts can be "upgraded" with an orange power handle that makes them larger and stronger. However, larger weapons require more energy to use, so unless your Captain is very energy efficient, they will not be able to use these abilities for long. Weapon size has no consequence on your creature's mobility. Captain parts have no cost in the editor, though they do register on the complexity meter.

Warrior - Energized Weapons, providing extra combat ability

  • Bladed Knuckles - Claw-like gloves worn on the creature that can be used to attack targets in a strike-like fashion, for an energy cost. They can be upgraded to do more damage in exchange for a higher energy cost. Replaces bite.
  • Plasma Pulser - A gun-like weapon that shoots a blast of energy, for an energy cost. Similar to the spit ability, and as such replaces your creature's Spit. Can be upgraded to do more damage, for a higher energy cost.
  • Lightning Striker - A sword-like energy weapon used to inflict damage by cutting and striking targets. Enemies hit by this attack become stunned by the electricity. Can be upgraded to do more damage for a higher energy cost. Replaces your creature's strike ability.
  • Missile Flinger - A homing missile that shoots forward and explodes on contact with the target, damaging those around it. Can be upgraded to do more damage for a higher energy cost. Replaces your creature's Charge ability.

Shaman - Weapons which provides extra combat ability

  • Toxic Crystal - Similar to the Bladed Knuckles, but don't require energy to use and cannot be upgraded. The initial attack is quite weak, but targets may lose a great deal of health from the poison effect it causes. Replaces bite, and goes inactive if Bladed Knuckles are equipped.
  • Swarm Magnet - Summons a swarm of insects to chase the target away. The insects also do damage over time. Similar to the Bee animation in the Creepy and Cute test drive, the Spore Booster pack. Replaces spit (like the Plasma Pulser) but requires no energy to use and has a long start-up animation. Goes inactive if Plasma Pulser is equipped.
  • Icy Band - Freezes the target for a period of time. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces Strike, and goes inactive if Lightning Striker is equipped.
  • Hypnomelder - Temporarily brainwashes an enemy and makes them your ally. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces charge, and goes inactive if Missile Flinger is equipped.

Scientist - Energy Restoration, able to conserve energy

  • Compact Generator - Restores some energy over time. Faster energy recovery than normal.
  • Compact Battery - Increases maximum energy capacity.
  • Power Generator - Restores a great deal of energy over time. Resembles a helmet. Faster energy recovery than with Compact Generator.
  • Power Battery - Greatly increases maximum energy capacity.

Ecologist - Health, able to give more health to survive longer

Diplomat - Social diplomatic tools, increases social capability

  • Ducal Cape - Enables Harmonious Song. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces Sing.
  • Princely Pad - Enables Graceful Waltz. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces Dance.
  • Regal Ring - Enables Royal Charm. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces Charm.
  • Imperial Robe - Enables Radiant Pose. Requires no energy and cannot be upgraded. Replaces Pose.

Bard - Energized Social, increases social capability at a higher degree

  • Harpolizer - Enables Inspiring Song, an upgradable version of Sing that requires energy to use.
  • Hop Gogs - Enables Stunning Dance, an upgradable version of Dance that requires energy to use.
  • Synergizer - Enables Holo Charm, an upgradable version of Charm that requires energy to use.
  • Fettipopper - Enables Confetti Pose, an upgradable version of Pose that requires energy to use.

Trader - Movement Abilities - able to maneuver better within situations

  • Sprint Pack - Enables Sprint Burst, a powered-up sprint that requires energy to use. Cannot be upgraded.
  • Glider Pack - Enables Hover, a powered up Glide that requires energy to use.
  • Stealth Helmet - Enables Stealth Field, a powered up Sneak that requires energy to use.
  • Jump Jet - Enables Jump Jet, a very high powered-up jump with an energy cost.

Zealot - Armor which provides extra protection.

  • Protecto-Shell - Reduces incoming damage a bit, no energy cost.
  • Danger Reductor - Greatly reduces incoming damage, and improves energy efficiency.
  • Power Shield - Eliminates all incoming damage but boasts a large energy cost.
  • Regen-Deflector - Converts a small percentage of incoming damage into energy for you to use.

Notes Edit

Occasionally, if you put Hop Gogs on a creature and you make them dance, the disco floor will appear under them, but they will not dance.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bladed Knuckles are similar in appearance to the Lightning claws of Warhammer 40,000.
  • They also appear similar to the claws of the comic and movie character Wolverine.
  • The health boost parts used in the tribal stage can also be added to your space captain for a small health boost.
  • The Zealot armor is similar to medieval period European knight's armor, but the helm looks like a Spanish conquistador's helm (this may be a reference to the achievement of the same name). This is probably a reference to the fact that the Conquistadors had similar attitudes as Zealots do in Spore.
  • The Power Battery has a striking resemblance to the health-meter on the back of the RIG from Dead Space,also made by EA.
  • The Stealth Helmet is similar to the Halo ODST BBH (Ballistic Battle Helm), without the mouthpiece and visor and in the classic movie, Predator, the monster can turn invisible. Also, in ancient Greek mythology, Hades, the god of the Greek underworld, used a helmet that made the wearer invisible. At one point the helmet was used to sneak into the Titans' stronghold during the war for Olympus.
  • Jump Jet is the only captain part ability (as well as the only ability in spore) with the same name as the part that allows it.

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Spore GA stuff02:16

Spore GA stuff

a video of ALL captain parts

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