The Cargo Hold is a tool in the Space Stage which is used to carry spice, plants, animals and treasures. It is available at the start of the stage, featuring in the beginning tutorial. Items can be added to the cargo hold by purchasing them or capturing them using the abduction beam. It's almost necessary to upgrade your cargo hold if terraforming or searching for treasures, as these tasks can use a lot of room.

Usage Edit

The cargo hold has its own section in the tools menu. Selecting this allows you to see the goods inside. The Abduction Beam may be selected here to add more to the cargo hold, or an object can be selected and released from the cargo hold. Dropping animals from the cargo hold will kill them, so beam them down gently until they touch the ground.

Requirements Edit

Level Requirements Capacity Description
Cargo Hold
None (Default at start of Space Stage) 10
Cargo Hold
Collector 1 or
Merchant 2 badge
15 "Increase your spaceship's cargo capacity."
Cargo Hold
Collector 2 or
Merchant 3 badge, and Basic
Cargo Hold
20 "Increase your spaceship's cargo capacity."
Cargo Hold
Collector 3 or
Merchant 4 badge, and Medium
Cargo Hold
25 "Increase your spaceship's cargo capacity."

Purchase Edit

Empire type Purchase Cost
Cargo Hold
Cargo Hold
Cargo Hold
Own §100,000 §200,000 §500,000
Bard §50,000 §100,000 §250,000
Shaman §50,000 §100,000 §250,000
Trader §80,000 §160,000 §400,000
Warrior §50,000 §100,000 §250,000
Zealot §50,000 §100,000 §250,000

Trivia Edit

  • The Grox cannot be abducted into the cargo hold. If you attempt to do so, the Grox will be incinerated and the game states they are 'too toxic for your cargo hold'.
  • It's unknown how the cargo hold can store so much, but it's thought that stored objects are shrunk. This is made apparent because the object gets smaller as it approaches the ship.

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