Planets found with a Terra-score of One may support one type of each kind of plant, two Herbivores, and an Omnivore or Carnivore. They can also support a colony with about five buildings (including turrets). T1 planets can mine Spice, but not much. Plant life will have a leaf, and animal life will have a footprint.


Earth, which is T1

Aquarmirum T1 Wildlife

A T1 planet being viewed by a Hologram Scout.

Influence Edit

Icy: A T1 Planet with the Terra-dot near the left will be partly covered in snow, and there will likely be a little Ice on the water. There is a light snow (on higher graphics settings). Mountain peaks may sometimes have ice.

A T1 Icy Planet

Spore 2012-06-30 17-41-49

A T1 Icy Planet

Lava: A T1 Planet with the Terra-dot near the right will be partly scorched, and the water and atmosphere are usually colored red. There are embers (on higher graphics).

Rocky: A T1 Planet with the Terra-dot near the lower part will have little water, and plants are more common near the shore. The atmosphere and land is pale. There are no plants on the mountainous areas.

Water: A T1 Planet with the Terra-dot near the higher part will have too much water, so plants are abundant, and closer to the inner mainland. Animals tend to be very common on these planets.

Arid: A T1 Planet covered in deserts, the animals tend to be more common near coasts and shores, and the plants are usually near the water, besides some scattered forests and shrub gatherings.

Rusty or autumn: A T1 planet with a rusty color, deserts and bare rocks. There are only a few plants and the planets have giant leaf shaped landmarks so alternatively such worlds could be called autumn planets as well.

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