A Category-2 planet has a fair ecosystem and climate, but are not as lush as Category-3 planets. They can have two shrubs, two bushes, two trees and four herbivores and two carnivores/omnivores. A maximum of two colonies can be placed here, and with much more building space than Category-1 planets. A Category-2 planet can usually fend for itself against pirates if given two to three turrets per colony, and can give a fair amount of spice per trip to the planet. Category-2 planets, like Category-1 planets, have snow and ash fall on higher graphics setting, albeit significantly reduced.

Category-2 planets are typically found as storybook planets and planets Terra-formed, and claimed by NPC empire's. Additionally they also appear as home-worlds of tribal and civ stage NPC's. A player will rarely find an uninhabited Category-2 planet. These uninhabited planets will typically be missing several species in there ecosystem. If a planet is Terra-formed from Category-1 to Category-2 it will retain the same geography as its Category-1 counterpart, with changes to the sea-level as necessary.