City Assault is a Maxis-made Attack-type adventure with a locked captain, FlooBiddy Hero. You are in charge to destroy Snorgon's city before yours.

You can find Popper Village, opposite of your city and Snorgon's city thought the track, they usually cry, when a player holds Dizzy's Horn, they follow a player, helps hinder Snorgon Soldiers while they hinder your progress.

Introduction: The Snorgons have mounted an attack against your Nation.  Destroy their city, before they destroy yours.  There can be only one...

Winning Text: The 1000 year war is finally over.  Although no one can remember why it remain victorious.  Long live the FlooBiddy Flobs!

Losing Text: The Snorgons have turned your city into a strip mall and forced what's left of your race to hand out frowny face stickers to patrons of the mall.

Introduction Edit

Upon loading the adventure, you were transferred to FlooBiddy city, your goal is to destroy all building of Snorgon's buildings before yours.

Acts Edit

Act 1: Invasion!

Destroy all buildings inside Snorgon City.