City Editor, or City Planner, is where you can plan your cities or colonies in either Civilization Stage or Space Stage, and is an important part of your game since it can directly affect your nation’s or empire’s income.

To enter the city planner, the player must move their camera over a city and click the blue button that appears at the center.

There are five basic elements of a city that can be edited inside the editor: Buildings, Vehicles, Decorations, Anthems, and Outfits. In Civilization Stage, both buildings and vehicles matter, but in Space Stage, only buildings matter.

Buildings Edit

There are five types of buildings: city halls, houses, entertainment centers, factories and turrets.

A city can have only one city hall, which is always located in the center of the city. The rest of the buildings and their layout will determine the city’s population, happiness, production rate and defense.

The most tricky part of city planning is the connection between buildings (except turrets, which can only be placed upon the city wall and do not connect to each other) because the locations and available connections for buildings are pre-determined; you should work out a “best” layout for your city. Houses, entertainment centers and factories should always be connected to other buildings; otherwise, they will not be functional.

Houses Edit

Houses add population to the city. Each house can house 15 citizens, and when connected to entertainment centers or factories, it will enhance their function.

Increasing the number of houses in a city will increase the number of vehicles you can buy.

Entertainment Edit

Entertainment centers bring happiness to a city so that it will stay loyal to your nation or empire. When connected to houses or the city hall, the connection will add another happiness point to the city, but when connected to factories, the connection will do nothing but decrease the happiness by one point.

In Civilization Stage, it is wise to give each of your cities at least one smiling face, since a happy city will sometimes celebrate, doubling the city’s income. Furthermore, if one of your cities is attacked religiously, make the city as happy as you can to make it invulnerable to the attack.

In Space Stage, however, the happiness will not affect the production rate, so you just need to prevent your colonies from unhappiness.

Factories Edit

The difference between the factories in Civilization Stage and those in Space Stage is that the former provides you directly with sporebucks, while the latter provides you with the spice on planets. But their principles are all the same: while providing income, a factory will drag down one point of happiness; the connection between a house (or the city hall) and a factory will increase the income, while the connection between an entertainment center and a factory will decrease happiness.

Connections between buildings Edit

First Empty Religious City With Explanasion

The following connections between buildings have positive/negative effects:

  • Factory-City Hall and Factory-House increase production rate.
  • Entertainment-City Hall and Entertainment-House increase happiness.
  • Entertainment-Factory decreases happiness.

Other connections do not have any effects.