Necro Template Challenge

The Clawed Spectre was part of the Necro Template Challenge

The Clawed Spectre was part of the "Necro Template Challenge", one of Maxis's Template Challenges. It is a Necro character, and possibly a Lieutenant class enemy.

Description Edit

Seeded on a ruined world as a sick joke, the genetically-modified clawed spectres were ineffective at keeping down the vermin population because there were no vermin to eat. Clawed spectres generally therefore live on diet of each other. Ironically, they also possess ability to resurrect their dead. They slaughter their victims from a distance with blasts of their spectray. Despite their cannibalism, clawed spectres possess sufficient intelligence to use tools, and to employ and revise attack strategies. It’s common for explorers to underestimate clawed spectres. Once.

Winning Entries Edit

There were 3 Winners in the contest.

1. Clawed Spectre By echof0xtrot

2. Clawed Spectre By Gamer1

3. Clawed Spectre By IanEno

Abilities Edit

  • The ability to resurrect their dead.
  • A ranged attack from the blasts of their spectray.
  • Possibly the use of some sort of tools.

Links Edit

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