Comic-con 2011 was an event that took place on July 24, 2010. On this date, Thomas Vu and his crew showcased more of their upcoming game, Darkspore. A large portion of information regarding the game was revealed during the event.

Synopsis Edit

The event started out with the team playing the trailer shown during Darkspore's first announcement. However, technical difficulties temporarily muted the audio. Thomas Vu jokingly asks someone to make sound effects, so the man holding the camera humorously starts making sci-fi sound effects, such as machines whirring and Zrin roaring, much to the amusement of everyone in the room.

After the applause dies down, Thomas introduces the group, and begins talking about the game and it's inspiration, Spore, and the crew's passion for RPG games. He then goes on to talk about some of the main features of the game, such as online co-op mode, and collecting loot, which can be used in the Darkspore Editor.

Paul Sottosanti, the genesis type designer, begins explaining how they came up with the Darkspore Categories. They threw every ability and power they could think of, and came up with the final types, Bio, Plasma, Quantum, Necro, and Cyber. He then also explains the breakdown of these classes into Sentinel, Ravager, and Tempest, and then hands the mic to Luke to explain the archetype silhouettes and show the games living weapons. It was here the Goliath and Arakna were formally introduced. He then shows screen shots and concepts of Nocturna, Zelem's Nexus, and also some robot and ravager concepts. The mic is then given to Lauren Mchugh, who commentates on a game play video featuring some of the characters attacks and abilities. Michael Arsers then begins explaining the feature he designed for the game, AI director and enemies. He shows how depending on how strong your character is, and how many enemies you can kill, more enemies and stronger enemies will spawn onto the field. He then goes over the enemy classes and the differences in each class. He then goes over the the sketched art for environmental objects, and then begins talking about the parts that players can accessorize their heroes with. He mentions a "Chat Channel", where online players can talk about and even trade loot they have collected with other players.

The final topic discussed is the creature editor, and how it was modified to fit Darkspore. Unlike Spore, the player already has a base framework to start out with, which can be modified in many ways. The player can switch out feet, eyes, limbs, skulls, and much more, essentially making the creature an original creation of the player's. The creators say that they didn't allow creation from scratch to ensure that "everyone's creation will look cool no matter what you do to it, as well as recognizable". At the end, a Q-A takes place, which people ask questions about how the editor and characters work, along with questions about the storyline.

Watch the Comic-con video here :

Trivia Edit

  • Many heroes seen at the Comic-Con did not have names and were unreleased until later. Some of these include Titan, Meditron, Wraith, and Magnos. There was also a part shown called Andromeda's Wings.

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