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Galot, the Friendly Republic
Racial information
Size1.5 foot
Lifespan400, since all it's allies gave it tech too kill diseases
PersonalityFriendly with everyone
ClassificationMedium Amphibian Humanoid
AffiliationGalot Republic (formerly)
Unified Nation of Ottzello (majority)
Delpha Coalition of Planets (some former refugees)
Racial capitalTrezdroth City
Racial leader(s)The Galot Council
Racial spaceshipThe Whale Killer
Area(s)Ottzello Sector
Primary language(s)Galotic
Secondary language(s)Every other language to exist
Average height2.38m
AlignmentUsually lawful good
Intelligence levelS1
BiochemistryChronoscopic Organism
Fiction Stats
Unit typeCreature 1D
45 HP2 TP85 PP10 FP
15 SP5 m/s120 EP75 AP
NonePoor in combatNoneEasily scared (note: surpressed in UNO by UNOS)
GenusGalota (TheImperios, 2010)
SpeciesGalota humilitis (TheImperios, 2010)
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Diplomacy and working with others is always the way forward, as is co-operation.

- Valzo

The Galot are an extremely friendly race, but dependant on others. They became a major member of UNO, before later on being merged with the Technobians to create the Galotian.


Early historyEdit

The Galot were originally created by the Taldar. They began as ordinary cells, which evolved into sapient creatures like many others. They evolved through peace, befriending others who helped them scientifically. In the Civilization Stage, the Galot met other civilizations of Galot, who had evolved in different ways. They shared scientific knowledge, which helped them overcome many obstacles together.

Space stageEdit

In the Space Stage, the Galot continued to befriend others. There was a certain niceness about them that made the Galot extremely popular with other creatures. They then founded the Galot Republic, continuing to overcome many obstacles with their allies.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

These were the times of the Perils of Ottzello.

DCP/Loron War

During the DCP/Loron War, the Galot had disagreements with the Loron and came to the conclusion they were barbarians beyond help. The Galot were partially involved in this war.

Second Ottzello Galactic War

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Galot formed United Nations of Ottzello, an alliance of all Ottzeloans who wished to survive. They failed to survive against the Kralgon Invasion Force, and had to evacuate to Ottzela.

Third Ottzello Galactic War

However half of the Galot had been assimilated into the Delpha Coalition of Planets. At some point on in the Third Ottzello Galactic War, 15% of these now prospering Galot returned to UNO, bringing more advanced technology based on that of the Grimbolsaurian, as well as ways of war and diplomacy, and riches (although none were complete copies of that from the DCP).


After the war, the Unified Nation of Ottzello was formed, and the Galot were placed as a major member, being in charge of diplomacy, with Valzo as one of UNOL.



Galot physiology is similar to amphibians, and have an appearance that is see as attractive to other species. Galot do not have a very strong physique, although they have great mobility. This is mainly due to their evolution of befriending others, rather than bein agressive. While they do have some features for self defence, most aggressive behaviour is performed by their allies.

Creature project


The Galot are an incredibly friendly species, and can sympathise with any race. Their activities include gaming, football and card games. They are very civilised. they constantly go to Entertainment Halls after their jobs, where they enjoy music and cinema.


It's true. Galot are the best entertainers ever. Their music rules, their films rule, ttheir video games rule,, EVERYTHING THEY MAKE rules. They're just really good at that, a reason why everyone loves them.

- An Ottzelloan fan on the general opinion of Galot entertainment

Galot are extremely good at using nature to their side. They are sympathetic to others' feelings, and have skills at charming other creatures, as well as entertainment. Galot are also uite intelligent, superior to some other races at science.


The Galot try to avoid war at all costs, but often do get into war. they have powerful allies, powerful technology due to the Gaal and massive funds due to the Galto.Their Galtoids and Galborgs provide a very strong military, but the Galot themselves aren't fighters.

In UNO, the Galot don't add much to the military, besides research and economic backing.


Galot lifestyle is also very civilized within UNO's. They're often helping their neighbours, going to fitness gyms, and doing singing practice while not at work. Their work can include farming, mining and developing for entertainment. Either way, it gets the Galot rich.


Galot live in very cultured and harmonious habitat, which is seen as 'Ottzello's Utopia'. It is a clean, tidy, happy place that many species would long to live in. Habitants wake up every day to hear a 'good morning' from other inhabitants, and many have lived their whole lives without knowledge of rudeness or impoliteness.

Galot live with UNO.


As all UNO members have a grown electronic attachment with their in-body generators, the Galot's attachment is in their mind; it is a translator, which accesses local networks to learn the languages. The translator means that the Galot's sound signals in his/her brain are deciphered by the brain differently, so a Galot hears a voice in his/her own language. If not, the translator simply adds artifical soundwaves instead so the Galot still hears a voice in their own tongue. The attachment feeds the language info from the network, and The System alters nerves and other brain parts to make translation possible.



Galot mostly use vehicles from their allies. Galot made vehicles are fairly slow, and brightly painted.


Galot devices come in the form of socialising tools, such as mobile telecommunications.


Galot hand weapons aer poor, and Galot mostly use those from their allies. However, their superweapons are extremely deadly; Galot use super weapons to enforce peace deterrents. This theory has proved fairly effective, and so Galot produce very advanced super weapons.


Quotes from other racesEdit

The Galot are amazing. I liked them from the start. They're a great ally!

- Ottzel Empire

Galot are safe, one of very few races we don't wanna eat!

- Loron

Even if they hadn't uplifted us we'd love them anyway!

- Gaal

Theyre good pals... they made us who we are!

- Galto

Name:Galot. Personality:Friendly. Good:A worthy opponent. Bad:They attacked us, They hate us, they're insignificant. CONCLUSION:We don't want to have anotherwar like before, but any Galot that comes near must be destoryed, unless they have money

- Who else but the Grox??!!

A humble mortal has immortal potential. These beings could mean eternal peace. At least for them.

- Khazurhal Draguros

The Galot have proven to be good allies! They are helping us fight the Nanohorde, and are in a similar technological level to our own, and know what we mean when we try to explain our technology.

- Emperor Wormulus II of the Delpha Coalition of Planets

They seem like the perfect slave race to us!!

- Lordess Nix, Queen of the Zazane

Dey is losas now. Dey shud go ta hell.

- Loron

Mortals that shall inevitably aid the progress of this immortal process-become a piece of an everenduring tale

- Ravenrii

Ah, a very peaceful species, just like we used to be before the first Scourge destroyed our Empire -.-"

- Of course its the Krazo

Who are those one-eyed fellas? They seem friendly, they might be a good ally. Only if they were at the Back Arm...

- A Yuukai scientist

W00t, the Galot are so awesome But also funny looking.

- The silly Drox

Uh, I don't know what to say. The Galot's technology is just, amazing.

- Juslan

Well well well. Some more social eggheads, eh? Us nomads don't have liking for little boxbrains. Unless, they have helpful tips with 'em. So-HEY THIS IS CAPTAIN DOODERS SPEAKING! I'D LIKE TO SAY THAT-Oops.

- Captain Soo'Z and Captain Dooders

The Galot look weird and seem kookoo, but are friendly. My plans are to wait. My people are a bit kookoo themselves right now, with silly ideas of putting a hardhat on one and sending him to space with a rocket-propelled toilet. *sigh*

- Emperor Holfs

Quotes from themselvesEdit

I am Omnipotent Galot. I come in peace

- Omnipotent Valzo

All living, breathing things are our friend. Very few are not. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GROX!!!!!!

- President of the Galot


Bold indicates major members, Italics indicates UNO's version of other races
Note that aside from 'Main military lineup', most pages are on things which are unused
Also read Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello, a cancelled project.

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