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Nilito, the lawful knights
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The Imperium strives!

- Nilito

The Nilito, also known as Dwarf Zoles, are a subspecies of Zoles and members of the Zoles Imperium.



The Nilito evolved on the same world as the Zoles, and in the Tribal Stage, when the Zoles became aggressive, they hunted down and killed the Nilito tribes, who were formerly allied with the Zoles tribes. The Nilito went into hiding, and were later taken as slaves by the Zoles in the Zoles' Civilization Stage.

Zoles ImperiumEdit

When the Zoles Imperium was founded, with new lives, the Nilito were no longer treated as slaves, but preserved like any animal would be. Soon, it was discovered that the Nilito had signs of sapience, and when the Nilito were allowed to evolve, they became a major species of the Zoles Imperium.



Nilito share various similarities with their parent species, the Zoles. Like their larger cousins, the Nilito are draconian beings, though their skin is much more brown-shaded skin, with a combination of black stripes and pruple scales around their torsos and limbs. They also possess scaled crests with eyes on stalks and curved horns, and like the Zoles, their stalks can spin 360º. At the tip of their tails, the Nilito possess an organ which creates poison, which is considerably more concentrated than a Zoles'. They also possess wings, and unlike their larger cousins, they are small and light enough to fly with them.


The Nilito are very often stereotyped as being hot-blooded and aggressive creatures. This is often justified, as they are usually short-tempered and have very little patience in general. However, like the Zoles, the Nilito have evolved to become more friendly and welcoming, while still retaining a very determinated mindset. Nilito overall enjoy war much more than the Zoles and tend to get in fights whenever possible. Like the Zoles, they are also extremely proud creatures, which also makes them "posh" by Borealis standards, and they also show great disdain for races who don't respect laws or cause destruction for no specific reason.


The average Nilito has less than a half of an average Zoles' physical strength and endurance. However, they compensate it by being much more agile than their larger cousins. Nilito fight by delivering fast strikes at their enemies with the intention of eventually wearing them down, and as stated before, they can use their wings to fly, an ability the Zoles lost thousands of years ago. A Nilito's poison is much more concentrated than a Zoles' and causes much greater damage in a much shorter timespan. They can poison enemies with their bites, and like the Zoles, their poison also runs through their own bloodstream, causing predators to be poisoned if they attempt to attack them. The Nilito themselves are, of course, immune to their own poison.


Eliches Inardis

Hmpf. I still don't trust those Seagon.

Eliches Inardis is the Prime Minister of the Nilito, and the leader of the species in the Zoles Imperium. He is a determinated retired commandant who serves as one of King Rebaris's highest advisors, as well as aids him in rulling the entire Imperium.

Eliches obtained the rank of Prime Minister for his extensive military service, being a high commandant much like Vekaron before he joined the government. He holds many grudges against the Seagon Empire, who he fought several times in the past.



honestly jus zoles wannabes wat da hell man da zoles shuld beet dem up

- Fre'kloar

Weaker than the Zoles, sure, but that doesn't make them useless, per se. I'm not sure why the Zoles ever send them off to fight in any situation, when they are clearly saving resources by having the Nilito do the stuff in the background and sending a more capable soldier off to fight.

- Kralgon Emperor

Needs a bit of cookin', unlike their bigger cousins, to really enjoy. Shame, eh?

- Billig

Overshadowed by the Zoles, I am certain that they possess their own significant influence throughout Borealis.

- Tyraz Breek

Chúchunikasatøsintørōmha. [Little-man syndrome.]

- Agent Eta

Their small size belies great fortitude.

- Clericarch Iovera


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