The Ovikions are a subspecies of Lequian.

History Edit

When the Lequians become a knight empire, there were many who wanted to become something different. After several riots, the Lequian Empire bought 9 timeshares and gave them to Lequians who wanted to be a different philosophy. The soon to b Ovikions were given the planet 'Skyron'.

Peace was not to last. The Zealot Lequians and the Shaman Lequians went to war. All Lequians apart from the original Lequians and the Scientist Lequians went to war. When each side was exhausted, the Scientist Lequians struck. They suddenly dominated all of the other Lequian clans.

With all the power they wanted, scientific reseach went underway. The entire empire mutated themselves into new creatures, which were dubbed 'Ovikions'.

The Ovikions then allied with the original Lequians, and soon become a member of the DSB.

Statistics Edit

Ovikion (1)

A modern Ovikion.

  • Type: Warm-blooded Bipedal Terrestrial Vertebrate
  • Lifestyle: Scientific Omnivore
  • Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 99% Hunt, 100% Forage
  • Armour: Slightly tougher than average for reptiles.
  • Defenses: Kicking Legs, Striking Arms, Biting Teeth.
  • Tools: Two Hands, each with two fingers and a thumb.
  • Method of Eating: Place food in mouth, chew, then swallow for digestion.
  • Number of Offspring: 1-6

Biology Edit

Body Edit

The Ovikions are nearly identical to the Lequians, but have green skin and different eyes.

Blood Edit

Ovikion blood is blue in colour, and is somewhat thick.

Females Edit

Female Ovikions are nearly identical to female Lequians, but have different skin, and eyes.

Ovikion Female

An Ovikion female

Lequian-Ovikion Hybrid Edit

Ovikion-Lequian Hybrid

A hybrid.

Hybrids between Lequians and Ovikions do exist, and have Ovikion skin and eyes, and everything else Lequian, with a few unique features.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ovikion were based on the aliens from the Sims2 [1].
  • The Ovikions are the first DSB race to contact the Krassio. The Krassio didn't reply, which wasn't really good for the Ovikions mental health.
  • Ovikions get enraged when higher lifeforms don't explain things because "They cannot possibly comprehend it."

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