Creature Beach

Creature Beach.

Creature Beach is the final location in Spore Hero. It is a sandy beach with lots of water and some small islands. It is where the Heart of the Planet is found.

Story Edit

After you collect the Idol Part from each world, the Sage gives you level 2 wings. You then use it to fly to the Pose Master. She then gives you the final Idol part. After you complete the Idol, it grants you access to Creature Beach. Your creature enters the final place in the entire game. You find some Scorpion like creatures who are brainwashed by Red Meteors which Zarkhator puts down there. They attack you. Once you beat both they give you Claw of Courage. Then you give it to the Ancient Guardian.

He destroys the odd creature blocking the way. Then destroy the regenerating red meteors. You must then give a pearl to a creature called Long-Beak. Then pose with him. Go talk to the creature on large island. He will give you the Feather of Charm. Then you give it to the Ancient Guardian. He opens the creature's mouth but suddenly Critters attack you. Once the critters are defeated Zarkhator attacks you. Once Zarkhator is defeated he goes inside the big creature. You then must race him to the brain. One you win you get the Ancient Brain. Once the Guardian gets it he can talk. (which is shown in a cutscene.) Then he gives you the ultimate weapon known as the Spor-o-Mega. Once you defeat Zarkhator 3 times you get to change his powers and look so he is not a threat anymore. Then, the game ends and you win. But you will have to read the credits.

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