This page is about the Creature leveling system found in Spore Hero. For the related item found in Spore, see Creature levels.

Leveling is a concept found in Spore Hero. Adding high level ability parts to your creature will increase your creature's level. After beating Zarkhator in Play Now's Creature Beach location, all creatures in Play Now mode will be level 10, the maximum level a creature can be.

A creature's level is shown in Play Now as "Level:10" when you move your Wii Remote over the creature. (10 is replaced with the actual level of the creature.)

A creature's level also changes it's health bar. For example, if a creature is level 6, then it's health bar has six sections.

Level Health meter sections Image
0-2 4 Health Meter Four Sections
3-4 5 Health Meter Five Sections
5-6 6 Health Meter Six Sections
7 7 Health Meter Seven Sections
8-10 8 Health Meter Eight Sections

Trivia Edit

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