Blue Meteor

Meejee next to a Blue Crystal Meteor.

Crystal Meteors are the main plot point of Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena.

Spore Hero Edit

Crystal Meteors are the main plot point of Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena. In Spore Hero, red and blue meteors crash into a tropical planet.

Red Fragments Edit

The red fragments cause any nearby creature to get corrupted. Depending on the creature itself, it can either get hostile and attack the player's creature if it gets too close, or it can cause the creature to speak in a odd, gibberish language. Some red fragments are connected by energy that will regrow destroyed fragments unless all the fragments are destroyed. From the core of the red meteor emerges Zarkhator, the one who is responsible for summoning and spreading red fragments all over the planet.

Red Meteor

The original red Crystal Meteor.

Despite the fact that the red meteors can cause chaos to all living things, the Sporeling is completely immune to the effect of the red fragments. Red fragments and blue fragments do nothing to each other. If found, red fragments should be destroyed immediately! Red meteors are found in every world except the Ancient Grounds. When creatures get near, they go crazy and it puts them into a trance and slowly hypnotized.

Blue Fragments Edit


A Blue Meteor.

The blue fragments act like DNA points. Destoying them causes you to gain more fragments to use in the editor. From the core of the blue meteor emerges your character. Any creature that comes in contact with the blue fragment will suddenly evolve. If the player's creature happens to either collect all the bones, fight, socialize or complete all the missions in any area, it will gain 10 extra blue fragments. Whether or not Zarkhator is affected by the blue crystals is unknown. The fact that the Sporeling is unaffected by the red crystals would indicate that Zarkhator is unaffected by blue crystals. However, the Spor-o-Mega seems to be made of blue crystals, and does major damage to Zarkhator. The Blue Fragments are thought to be created by the player, in which used against red fragments. It is made to help the planet over come the evil red fragments. Blue fragments are NEVER found in large amounts in the game, unlike the red fragments that are NEVER found in small amounts ( only in large amounts). Overall, the blue fragments are good in the game. Also, if blue meteors are around red fragment-infected creatures, it will do nothing to them.

Spore Hero Arena Edit

In Spore Hero Arena, the crystals are still part of the plot, but they aren't much in evidence compared to Spore Hero. They all come in the form of medals.

Red Medals Edit

The Red medals were made from a red meteor that fell upon planet Eses Minnobah. The creature Yeedo crafted them to make medals for arena fighting champions. They cause greed to whoever obtains them, with the execption of the players creature. At the end, Yeedo (A creature from the game) combines all the medals when trying to destroy them, and mutates in to a power-mad beast (which is rather similar to the Godzilla monster Gigan.) They were destroyed by the players creature later on, by throwing them into a volcano.

Blue Medals Edit

Blue crystals also come as medals, but for lesser things. They have no ill effect.

Trivia Edit

  • It might be possible that a blue meteor fragment is what caused the creation of your cell in Spore.
  • The crystals are also similar to the cores in the 2009 film Astro boy where the blue core has positive energy while the red core has negative energy.