Lava Cube Planet

A Cube Planet covered in lava.

Cube Planets are very strange square planets that were added to the game in the Patch 1.02. These planets were designed just for humor, and can be colonized. They can be of any planet type, and wildlife will rarely cross the cube planet's border. Cube planets do not appear in systems that were visited or colonized before patching. They are more easily found in other parts of the galaxy once the patch has been acquired, and they are sometimes colonized by a sentient species when you find them. Although it is usually believed that you can't find Cube Planets on games you made before patching, several people claim to have found them on their earlier games.


The surface of a Cube Planet

Red cubeplanet.

Another Cube planet.

Trivia Edit

  • Cube planets can be made by players by using planet sculpting tools (mostly the Level Terrain series), although it is difficult and time-consuming.
  • Cube Planets are easy to identify due to their map being a line of land and circles of water OR large round plateau continents and line/triangle oceans.
  • Most cube planets have very thick hazardous atmospheres.
  • Cube planets are usually Water Planets or Ice Planets. Finding a cube planet of another type is rare, though not unheard of.
  • Cube planets can also be made using Galactic Adventures' Terraforming tools.
  • In spherical view, surface of a cube planet is composed of 6 round seas, 12 mountain ranges, and 8 peaks.
  • Cube planets may sometimes be your Homeworld's moon.

    T3 cube planet as homeworld of AI civilization ocvered by colonies

  • Cube planets can also be in your own home star system.
  • Cube planets were included in patch 1.02.
  • Cube Planets may be the starting planet of another creature,this may be a bad thing because it distorts parts of the landscape.
  • If you want to colonize cube planet without changing it's view, it's recomended to place colonies on corners.
  • Strangely, most cube planets spotted are red.

Gallery Edit

Videos Edit

Spore Cubed Moon Orbiting Home01:19

Spore Cubed Moon Orbiting Home

SPORE Exploring a Strange Planet - Cube Planet00:36

SPORE Exploring a Strange Planet - Cube Planet

Exploring a cube world in Spore00:35

Exploring a cube world in Spore

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